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Rice gets costlier in Telangana; Arbitrary Price Increases Are Being Recorded By Mill Owners

India is the largest Rice Exporter and the second largest producer in the world. As per a top Government official, the export of Indian rice in 2022 rose by 3.5% to 22.26 million tonnes. This amount is comparatively more than the collective export volume of other top rice exporters such as Thailand, Vietnam, the United States, and Pakistan. 

Located in the Southern part of India, Telangana produces paddy, sugarcane as well as maize in huge amounts. Around 97.49 percent of the area is covered for rice irrigation. The state is bordered by the states of Chattisgarh to the northeast, Maharashtra to the north, Andhra Pradesh to the east and South, and Karnataka to the west. 

The Sona variety of rice produced in Telangana is of the best quality as it possesses a low glycemic index of 51, which makes it a healthier version. As per the record, in 2020, Telangana produced 7.34 million tonnes of rice. Rice is the major food crop grown in Telangana. Around 64 lakh acres of land in Telangana are covered under paddy cultivation. 

Price Of Rice In Telangana 

Telangana lacks a price control mechanism, due to which the commodity prices are high, especially the price of rice. The prices have dramatically risen, with reports claiming that rice prices have jumped by 10% in the current month.

As per the rice traders in Telangana, they are exporting rice by retaining their profit on the price they obtain from the mill, and with the advent of fresh rice in the market after Sankranti, the price escalation is becoming an accepted norm that cannot be halted or rectified. 

Mill owners are recording arbitrary price hikes due to a lack of a price control process. Clients are questioning retail traders about the reason behind the increase in rice prices, which they are unable to answer because there are no legitimate reasons, such as crop failure or price rises in the previous year, but mill owners have elevated the costs of fresh rice, causing the price increases of old rice as well. 

Government Call On Increased Rice Prices 

Despite multiple requests to the Telangana Government to take action to regulate commodity prices, no initiatives have been taken to curb the rise in commodity prices, particularly rice, and pulses, which is causing residents to pay more money for critical goods. 

The State Government also made several claims concerning the expansion in rice production in Telangana, and it is said that demand for rice produced in the state has begun to climb, but the people are encountering hardships owing to the significant increase in rice prices recorded in the state itself. Sona Masoori No. 1 rice has grown in price by Rs 6 to Rs 8 in the previous month, and it is being offered for Rs 46 to 48 per kilogram, while fresh rice has climbed by 4 to 6 rupees. 

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