South Korea: Inspection Of 350,000 Tons Of Sacked Rice From Public Stockpiles In 2022 Begins

On the 11th of October’22, the Government of South Korea started the purchase inspection of the 2022 public stockpiled sacked rice. The National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service mentioned on the 10thOctober’22 that it would start conducting purchase inspections of sacked rice from 11thOctober’22 to 31stDecember’22 at 3,500 inspection centers across the country. The Agricultural Institute provides education to private inspectors and supports the inspection of facilities and equipment at inspection sites. 

Reasons For The Inspection 

The government plans to focus on improving the convenience of farmers by minimizing the waiting time before shipment. In the current year, the purchase and inspection of 450,000 tons of market-quarantined rice for fulfilling the ‘Measures to Stabilize Supply and Demand during the Rice Harvest Season’ will be carried out together. In the purchase inspection, special, 1, 2, and 3 grades are given according to the quality results such as moisture content, anti-glare, and damaged grain, and the purchase price is determined differently depending on the grade. Non-standard items that do not meet the minimum grade are excluded from purchase. 

Ahn Yong-deok, director of the Agricultural Research Service, said, “We plan to conduct inspections on the purchase of public stockpiled rice and market-isolated grains produced in 2022 in consideration of the convenience of farmers as much as possible. He further stated, “We ask that you actively cooperate with the guidance of those involved in the purchase so that safety accidents do not occur when moving or working with forklifts and transport vehicles in the purchase area.” 

Background Of Inspection 

Previously, 100,000 tons of product rice (rice that has not been harvested and dried) was procured by private inspectors at 350 locations including RPCs and DSCs nationwide from 31stAugust’22, as per the harvest season. The purchase quantity of public stockpile rice in 2022 is 450,000 tons which include 100,000 tons of product rice and 350,000 tons of sacked rice (dried and packaged after harvesting) which are to be directly inspected at the 350support offices and centers across the country. 

Procurement Price 

Publicly stockpiled sacked rice is shipped in small 40 kg and 800 kg large packaging (ton bags) in compliance to inspection standards such as moisture (13-15%) and a variety of 2022 buckwheat produced in paddy fields. The ratio of large sack rice purchases is steadily increasing from 78% in 2017 to 92.7% last year. The purchase price is the national average price of rice in the harvest season (October to December). The government pays the interim settlement amount (30,000 won per 40 kg) immediately upon purchase and the difference at the end of the year when the final purchase price is confirmed. The Agricultural Institute is planning to complete the project within the year without any setbacks by making the most of available inspectors and inspection sites. 


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