Swarna rice: it’s not just carbs!

Rice is a staple food all across the globe, be it French, Italian, American, or Indian rice is a part of many cuisines. It is an ancient grain however with time everyone has become more alert about healthy eating and rice is losing its charm. It is considered to be a source of high-level of carbohydrates that isn’t healthy and is associated with weight gain, digestive disorders, etc.

Also, carbohydrates and Glycemic index are responsible for shooting up the blood sugar rapidly that is the reason you might have noticed diabetics are always avoiding rice-based meals but not anymore.

Swarna rice, a kind of basmati rice is a member of the rice family which has a low risk of diabetes and weight gain. Below we have tried to explain these benefits and where can you find good quality Swarna rice, read through.

What are the health benefits?

There is a variety of rice in the market and all these have different levels of the Glycemic index. To understand how Swarna rice is beneficial for you, it’s important to first understand this index briefly. Glycemic index or GI is a ranking of carbohydrates in the foods and how quickly it shoots up the blood sugar levels. If the GI levels of any foods are 55 or less it just indicates that it will be absorbed, metabolized, and digested slowly leading to a slower rise in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Now! When you have a significant understanding of GI, let’s understand how this rice is beneficial.

Carbohydrates contribute a lot to our insulin level and metabolism, both responsible for weight gain and shooting up diabetes. Swarna rice’s Glycemic level is 60, lower than the average level of other rice range i.e. 64 at least. This will not only keep the sugar levels in check but it’s a great alternative for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s been long that we have established carbohydrates are not good for us. Imagine Rice, a grain recognized for elevated carbohydrates level can have a healthy alternative also. Understanding about its benefits is one thing but another thing is to find a trustworthy buyer.

Where to buy good quality Swarna rice?

Swarna Rice is a variety of Indian basmati rice. India has numerous rice cultivators but for anyone procuring higher quantities of rice should have crystal clarity about their investments. With so many players in the market it can be difficult to contact every supplier individually, for a smooth transaction it is advised to refer to online marketplaces as you may find a plethora of suppliers online but not every marketplace is honorable. One marketplace to our knowledge that looks greatly dependable is tradologie.com, they connect the buyers and sellers directly without any interference, only reliable buyers and sellers with background checks are registered and most importantly their work is completely transparent with the right amount of secrecy for your trade. You might find diverse online trading portals but if you visit their website, the difference of work model and ethics will show you the uniqueness in their trading structure.

The bottom line, it is not only important to eat healthily, but it is also important to source healthy. For any business, at any level, recurring clients are the only means of long-term growth and to achieve that healthy alternatives are important, reliably sourced.

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