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Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading – Agro Buyers & Sellers in India

Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading - Agro Products Buyers Sellers in India

Rapid advancement in technology brought a fresh change to agricultural and commodity trading. A few decades back, agricultural products and commodities trading used to take place at local markets and mandis. Middlemen, intermediaries and brokers had a large say in the price control mechanism. read more

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Agricultural exports on a boom, growth by 25,553cr by Q1 of the fiscal year 20-21


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India to Surpass other Nations, to Enter Top 5 Countries for Agriculture Export.


Indian Society is a great representation of unity in diversity. Indian agriculture sector signifies this diversity efficiently. Every state is famous for different crops and finally Indian crops are getting recognition worldwide. Recently a report issued by WTO stated that India is most likely to surpass other Nations and elevate to the top 5 nations for Agriculture Export. Some government initiatives have helped with this export advancement. Lets understand the WTO report and Government Initiatives all below.  read more

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