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What is the Most Popular Non-Basmati Rice in India?

IR-64 Rice

IR-64 Rice is one of the most essential staple diets in the world. India is the largest exporter of rice followed by China, Pakistan, Thailand, and Bangladesh due to the fertile plains and suitable climate conditions. To overcome, the hindrance of environmental factors IR-64 was developed in the Philippines. IR-64 has various benefits for both buyers and sellers alike. The rice endures strong resistance towards environmental factors. It is one of the most economically viable non-basmati rice brands available in the market. The rice has acquired a chunk of global market size purely on the basis of its merits.

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Why is IR 64 Rice the Most Popular Rice in the Tropical Asian Countries?

IR 64 Rice has high-yield-variety and also cost-effective in the international market.

Development of IR 64 Rice by IRRI

  • The International Rice Research Institute had developed IR 8 rice in the global market. The rice had also very high-grain yield but also several defects were found. Mostly, the quality of the grain was poor, unable to diseases and pests resistance capacity, and also late maturation of the plant.
  • In early 1980, the research institute again developed a variety which was resistance to pests and diseases and it achieved its high yield in just of only 111 days. The variety is very popular in the market as IR 36 which has provided better quality as compared with IR 8. The new variety was so popular that it was spread rapidly and estimated to be planted on 10 million hectares during 1980.
  • The much-improved variety of IR 36 over IR 8 was still lacked the quality of the best varieties in the competitive market. Then, in the year 1985, the best variety was released in the market of the Philippines which was known as IR 64 Rice.
  • IR 64 replaced almost all the varieties of IR 36 and spread rapidly in the new areas of different countries due to its best qualities.
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    Top Five Qualities of IR 64 Rice

    IR64 is popular for high-yielding variety in the global market. The rice was developed by International Rice Research Institute and first introduced in the Philippines. The top five qualities of the rice are given below:

  • The rice has produced in large quantities in a small area of agricultural land. With less amount of water, high-yield is produced in this variety. Irrigation agricultural system is applied for the production of the rice. Farmers are benefitted to produce rice in all parts of the world.
  • The rice has a great disease-resistant capability. It has resistant to diseases like fungal disease and bacterial blight.
  • It has been used extensively in research work due to its success as different types of hybrid varieties. Many valuable genes have been introduced in the market through backcross breeding of the species.
  • The rice is available in the market due to its low cost. The rice is also very popular in Southeast Asian countries.
  • Earlier maturity of the rice in the agricultural land helps to developed more yield. IR64 Rice has not only contributed to the higher income of the farmers but also it has a great market value with its improved variety.
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