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Basmati Rice

Production and Properties of 1401 Basmati Rice

production, properties and market of 1401 Basmati rice

Basmati has been unique long-grained aromatic rice grown in a particular geographical region of Himalayan foothills in India for many centuries. Its extra-long & slender grains that extend their original size at least twice, with a smooth, fluffy fabric, delicious and distinct flavor, make it stand apart from other kinds of rice. Amongst the high-quality aromatic rice varieties, 1401 Basmati is the flagship one which is only grown in the most productive regions of India & Pakistan. Many people are unaware of the statistical fact that India meets 90% of the world’s demand for Basmati rice, followed by Pakistan for the remaining 10%. Hence, India holds the title of the world leader in producing the rarest variety of nutritionally rich, aromatic extra-long grain rice.

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What is the Most Popular Non-Basmati Rice in India?

IR-64 Rice

IR-64 Rice is one of the most essential staple diets in the world. India is the largest exporter of rice followed by China, Pakistan, Thailand, and Bangladesh due to the fertile plains and suitable climate conditions. To overcome, the hindrance of environmental factors IR-64 was developed in the Philippines. IR-64 has various benefits for both buyers and sellers alike. The rice endures strong resistance towards environmental factors. It is one of the most economically viable non-basmati rice brands available in the market. The rice has acquired a chunk of global market size purely on the basis of its merits.

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History of IR64 Parboiled Rice and Its Benefits

IR 64 Parboiled Rice

IR 64 Parboiled Rice is renowned in the global market for its high yields. The rice has been grown and introduced by the International Rice Research Institute of the Philippines. It is an indispensable staple diet ranging from Gulf Biryani to Awadhi Tehri(Indian Fried Rice).

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IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice trade status and development

IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice

Rice is the main staple diet for more than half of the world’s population. India holds the unique distinction of being the largest exporter of basmati and non-Basmati rice. The leading producers of rice in the world are countries like China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

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Sona Masoori Rice: Alternative to Traditional Basmati Rice

Sona Masoori Rice Buyer Suppliers

Sona Masoori rice falls under the category of non-basmati rice. The commodity is grown largely produced in the Tungabhadra belt of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The debate of basmati v Sona Masoori rice has raged for many years. Each one has its own share of supporters and detractors.

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