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Packaged basmati market to prevail, predictions by the experts

basmati market to prevail

The new market research added a research report focused on packaged basmati rice market, delivering the in-depth market analysis and future outlook of the packaged basmati rice market.

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The Impact of India’s Food Security Policy on Domestic and International Rice Market

India has emerged as a leading rice exporter in the international market. Every year the Government of India has taken initiatives on changes in Food Security Policy according to the market demand.

Recently the Government of India has introduced a new policy that the National Food Security Act which requires 33.6 million tons of rice per year for its public distribution system.

Policy Makers from India are developing several policies for consistent food price value in the domestic as well as for the international market. They also ensure that the policies will not distort the market value and maintain food security in the domestic market.

Due to these policies, India’s rice export also plays a significant role in the international market.

Impact of NFSA on Indian Market Growth

India’s National Food Security Act generated much debate among Policy Makers. The policies that are released in the market can able to reduce poverty or hunger in the domestic market but unable to consistent growth in the international market.

The impact of NFSA has a negative impression on rice industry growth. It causes changes in rice consumption in India resulting in a decrease in the rice export growth.

Since rice is the major agricultural export commodity in India, so it has great value with a positive effect in the Indian market. Such a type of policy provides a negative impression on the global market.

The overall economy of India may be on downwards trends due to some complications in the market. There are some precautions should be taken by Policy Makers in India are as follows:

  • More Government revenue required to implement NFSA.
  • Policy Makers should consider indirect costs too.
  • The cash transfer program should be introduced instead of subsidy.
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