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Rice Trade in India: Prospects and Challenges

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Rice is the most important food grain in India. Rice accounts for 50% of India’s total food grain production.

Rice is the most important food grain in India. Rice accounts for 50% of India’s total food grain production. India is the largest producer of rice in the world, accounting for 20% of global rice production. Rice is grown in various states of India, but maximum production comes from West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

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Countries leading in the rice race: Top 5!

Rice is the most dominant of all cash crops; it is a part of many delicacies and will always be in demand. For export, rice cultivation was first started by the Chinese, which slowly spread across west Asia and south-east Asia. Europe later followed the suit. Countries in eastern and southern parts of Asia have an appropriate climate that is needed to cultivate rice, with a humid environment and suitable soil. The four most basic requirements for rice production are high temperature, humid environment, enriched land, and the surplus of water. The best production capacity for rice is in china, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc. 

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Swarna rice: it’s not just carbs!

Rice is a staple food all across the globe, be it French, Italian, American, or Indian rice is a part of many cuisines. It is an ancient grain however with time everyone has become more alert about healthy eating and rice is losing its charm. It is considered to be a source of high-level of carbohydrates that isn’t healthy and is associated with weight gain, digestive disorders, etc.

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Knowledge Base Rice

How to Start Rice Export Business In India?

Online Rice Procurement

To start any new rice export business, apart from rice there are certain protocols you need to follow to send your goods overseas. stated below are the main legal steps that are mandatory for any exporting business. 

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