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Sugar Exporters

Top 10 Sugar Importing Countries

sugar imports and exports

The international trade of sugar, including imports and exports, contributes to the economic development of many countries. The ten major sugar importing countries and their percentage of the world sugar trade in 2009 were as follows: United States (16 percent), Germany (9 percent), France (8 percent), Canada (6 percent), Japan (5 percent), Belgium-Luxembourg (5 percent), China (4 percent), South Korea (3 percent), Switzerland (3 percent) and Italy (2 percent). India and Netherlands tied with 1% each. Indonesia accounted for less than 1% of world trade.

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Sugar: Global Market, Size and Major Sugar Importers

Sugar importers

The sugar industry comprises the production, processing and marketing of sugars. Sugar beets and sugarcanes have the largest percentages of sugar among different types of plants. This is why they are the most preferred choices when it comes to extraction. The global sugar market attained a volume of 193.2 million tons in 2020. This growth is expected to continue with the forecast for 2026 by independent market research firms to be around 202.1 million tons.

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