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Wheat Flour Export Restriction Imposed (India & International)

export of wheat flour

India has put some restrictions on export of wheat flour after imposing blanket ban over wheat exports recently. These restrictions will come into force from July 12th 2022. India’s restrictive measures have not gone down well with global community but really speaking India is not the only country restricting food exports including wheat and wheat flour exports. Extra focus on India’s wheat ban has completely diverted attention from ban of food exports by other countries. Algeria has banned export of wheat derivatives; Egypt is another nation to ban wheat and wheat flour exports. Russia has not only banned wheat and meslin export from its shores but also put an embargo on export of wheat from Ukraine. Serbia is very much part of this bandwagon.

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Buy Wheat Flour Online, No-Hassle Procurement Process

Wheat flour Importing Countries

Wheat flour is an important part of our diet. It is used to make flour and bread, and also for consumption. There are many benefits of consuming wheat flour, including a healthy heart and a better immune system as well as weight management. As wheat flour contains carbohydrates, it becomes an essential ingredient in our diet which is mainly practiced in Western countries. Buying organic wheat flour online helps you to get fresh organic produce at the best prices. The online marketplaces provide product information, latest prices, and seller details which makes buying easy and convenient.

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