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Thailand’s Rice Exports Stand At 7.69 Million Tonnes In 2022, 22.1% Higher Than Last Year: Ministry of Commerce

The year 2022, was expected to be a great year in terms of agriculture and agro-trade, especially with the waning impact of coronavirus. However, all hopes were shattered owing to the series of events in the year 2022. Russia’s invasion in Ukraine disturbed the crop production. 

Global agricultural exports also dropped down due to adverse weather conditions around the world. Rice cultivation was affected in many major rice producing nations like India due to erratic monsoon. This also had its impact on the supply chain leading to decrease in export of crops. 

India is the largest rice exporting country and it accounts for almost 40% of the global rice trade. Increase in demand, increased the selling price of rice due to which in the initial phase the export declined but gradually Indian agro-market managed to increase the export of rice. 

Owing to restrained exports of some rice varieties, other leading rice exporters such as Thailand and Vietnam attained great business. After India and Vietnam, Thailand is the third largest rice exporting country in the world. 

Statistics Of Thai Rice Export As Per Ministry Of Commerce

As per the reports, the Commerce Ministry said on Tuesday that, In 2022, Thailand exported around 7.69 million tonnes of rice which reflected an increase of 22.1% in comparison to the past year. The Ministry also mentioned that the Thai rice export exceeded the predetermined target of 7.5 million tonnes, with dominant markets being South Africa, Iraq, China and the United States. 

The senior commerce official, Ronnarong Phoolpipat mentioned in a news conference that currency fluctuations led to strong Thai rice export during the last year. 

In the initial phase of the year, Thailand lowered its rice export target from 8 million tonnes to 7.5 million tonnes in 2023 

The Bottom Line 

The year 2021-22 was a difficult year for the entire world. Global agricultural import-export dropped down due to the drastic attack of COVID-19 virus. In addition, the Russia-Ukraine war also affected the export of crops. But gradually, things aligned in a normal pattern. Thailand, the third largest rice exporting country of South Asia exported around 7.69 million tonnes of rice. This export quantity is reported to be 22.1% higher than the last marketing year. As per the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand has crossed the pre-set export target of 7.5 million tonnes of rice. 

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