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The Future of Global Trade of Agro Commodities – Online or Offline

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Offline agro commodities trade is thing of the past and future of global trade of agro commodities is without doubt online. Answer to this question would have been same even five years ago. I mean to say is that shift of agro commodities trade to online platforms is not a new phenomenon and started years ago. B2B platforms like tradologie have virtually taken over agro commodities trade. Today major part of agro commodities trade happening around the globe happens online. Tradologie is pioneer of sorts in online agro commodities trading. There are many B2B platforms but tradologie is unique in the sense that it is a B2B marketplace dedicated to online agro commodities trading.

Benefits of Online Agro Commodities Trading

There are enumerable benefits of online agro commodities trading over offline agro commodities trading. Internet has spread like wild fire and made this world a global village. In such a scenario first option that comes to mind for any work is internet and same is the case with agro commodities trading. If agro commodities can be traded from safe confines of office or home then venturing out makes absolutely no sense. Following are some of the many benefits of online agro commodities trading:

  • Convenience– If it is raining heavily and you have plans to trade agro commodities offline then put the plans on hold but if you are planning to sell or buy agro commodities online then proceed ahead, this will be my suggestion to you if you ask for my advice about agro commodities trading on a particularly rainy day. To trade agricultural commodities online you just need to just register on B2B platform. Huge database of tens of thousands of agro commodities exporters and importers registered on is enough to sustain business of both small and big traders. Agri commodities trading on this platform is so very convenient that it is called enquiry to delivery B2B platform. Every transaction on this platform commences with posting of enquiry by a buyer and ends only after payment obligations are fulfilled online and proof of delivery is posted.
  • Inexpensive– Online agro commodities trading is dirt cheap when compared to offline agri commodities trading. For example, charges of are nothing compared to offline agro commodities brokers.
  • Monitoring of one’s Agro Commodities Trade is Far Easier Online– Compared to offline agro trading, online agro trading is easier to monitor. For example, on enquiries are posted online, purchase order is posted online, payment obligations are fulfilled online, negotiation is online, counter offer is posted online, delivery proof is posted online, inspection proof is posted online, dispatch proof is posted online and all this can be monitored easily online.
  • Elimination of Mediators or Middlemen– Platform itself acts as a mediator and eliminates the need for multiple mediators involved in traditional offline agro commodities trading. This lowers trading cost hugely.
  • Traders Themselves are in the Driving Seat– In offline trading, agricultural produce traders are dependent on middlemen and brokers but that is not the case in online agro commodities trading. Online farm produce sellers and buyers are always in driving seat.
  • Quick Transactions– Offline agri commodities trading simply can’t match the speed of online commodities trading. All non-physical work related to any transaction is quicker offline. Quite naturally, posting a enquiry online will be faster for a buyer than visiting some broker physically to commence the transaction. A buyer can trade globally without moving a feet in online mode of agro commodities trade.
  • Easier Placement of Order by a Buyer– One can understand this by observing the process of tradologie next generation B2B platform. Once sellers are intimated about enquiry of a buyer they present their quotation and if buyer is satisfied then order is placed. Buyers are even allowed to a chance to present counter offer. This is a win-win situation for buyers.
  • Large Customer Base– Huge database of registered buyers of tradologie is prime example of huge customer base that traders have access to while trading agro commodities online. Database of is vast and consists of tens of thousands of agro commodities traders. Agro commodities traders of all hue and color can be found on this platform. Bulk basmati rice importers and exporters, bulk non-basmati rice importers and exporters, spice traders dealing in spices like cardamom, saffron, cumin seeds, black pepper, ginger, garlic, red chillis, turmeric, celery, cinnamon, clove and many more, pulses traders dealing in red lentils, green lentils, black lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and many more, bulk wheat and wheat flour importers and exporters, bulk lentils flour importers and exporters, bulk cereals importers and exporters, bulk edible oil traders dealing in canola oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil, groundnut oil, palmolein, mustard oil, pure ghee, almonds oil, cashew nut oil, coconut oil, olive oil and many more, sugar traders, meat traders, vegetable traders, cotton traders and dry fruits traders are part of huge database of
  • Higher Revenues– Lower costs pertaining to agro commodities trading mean higher revenues. Traditional offline agro commodities trading process is expensive. It is not that physical jobs are not needed in online agricultural commodities trading. Just like in offline agro commodities trading, loading and unloading happens in online trading too, transportation happens in online trading too, but still online trading is inexpensive compared to offline trading. If one decides to say export basmati rice to UAE. First step in this transaction would be to find basmati buyers from UAE. When trading offline one may have to visit agents to find buyers. This may incur huge costs. While trading offline one can find buyers by just accessing the database of some B2B platform like, that’s all. Sellers are intimated about interested buyers by immediately after a buyer posts an enquiry and there is absolutely no dearth of enquiries on the platform, especially of basmati rice buyers. This cuts costs considerably and jacks up revenues.
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