The Rising Tension Between Iran And The USA Will Affect The Karnataka’s Farmers Income

Rice Exporters Are Getting Affected in Ballari District of Karnataka

  • The rising tension between Iran and the USA in the last one month has stopped the importing of Rice from the Ballari district of Karnataka.
  • Kampli rice has a great demand from Iran. It is also exported to the Middle-East countries. The ongoing tension between the nations will affect the income of farmers because Iran is being a major consumer of the particular rice. Every year a large volume of the rice has been exported from India to Iran.
  • In the month of October, after the post-harvest season, every year the rice is getting exported to Iran and Middle-East. But in the current fiscal year due to the indefinite ban on the import of rice, the prices of the rice will be down in the market. Rice Exporters are getting affected due to the falling price in the market.

Reasons for Low Price in the Export Market

  • Due to suitable environmental conditions and good monsoon, the production of rice is huge in the district. But the prices of the rice are falling down due to a lack of international demand from the market.
  • In the uncertain situation of the market, traders are not able to gain good payments from the importers. From December onwards this year farmers are not able to send rice products to Iran, traders are not still got their previous payments from importers of the rice.
  • Last year during the same time, farmers had got a profitable price but this time the same quantity of rice is sold with less amount of price.

Future Prospects of Trading with Iran

Despite the good harvesting season, the falling prices have made farmers worry and they are waiting for the trade begins soon so that farmers who have stored the rice could be benefitted.

  • India is a key trading partner of Iran. Rice is one of the major export products in Iran. On the contrary, Iran has exported oil to India. The other export products to Iran are tea, coffee, chemicals, and fertilizers. Both the countries also hold the negotiations of bilateral trade agreement for increasing of the trade.
  • According to the analyst by United States Departments of Agriculture, the recovery of the prices of Basmati rice is supported by an increase in international prices in the global rice industry.
  • On a speech of foreign minister of Iran, India has a good relation with Iran as well as the USA; the country can play a role in bringing both the countries in the negotiation table.
  • A team of exporters from Iran will try to carve with the Indian Government so that traders and farmers of rice do not suffer from the rising situation.

So far due to the situation, farmers can sell their products to other regions also because Indian Rice has always in demand around the world due to its high quality.

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