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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Cement of your Choice?

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Cement of your Choice

A middle-class family’s one important dream is to own a house that belongs to them, something that they can call their own. Owning a house is an accomplishment for a middle-class person. The most basic thing, when you are building a home from scratch is the quality of cement you use. The quality of your dream home depends on the quality of the cement you choose to build the foundations of your house with.

Cement comes in a lot of different qualities, grades and colors; and different categories of this cement are used for different building purposes. But the categorical thing to note while buying an integral raw material like cement is the reliability of the brand you are going for.

Brands like Ambuja cement and Ultratech cement are the top contenders in the cement industry that provide high-quality cement at reasonable prices so you can build your dream home with satisfaction.  Think and research about these No matter what your need is, no matter if you are building a small house or a mansion; there are a few things that all buyers should keep in mind before settling in on the desired type, color, variant of cement; that becomes a make or break element in the construction process.

These are the things that you should be keeping in mind: –

1. Always buy sealed bags Always buy cement that is properly bagged up in synthetic jute bags and is properly sealed by hand stitching using synthetic threads. Never buy cement that is in open bags or is exposed to the external environment directly.

2. Mentionable on the cement bag There are some things that should be properly mentioned on the cement bag when you buy them. Important details like the MRP (maximum retail price), date of manufacturing, the batch number, quantity of cement in the bag, the brand of the cement and its registered trademark, the list of additives, the type of cement and the grade of cement; should be properly mentioned on the cement bag that is being sold.

3. Don’t use cement older than 90 days The date of manufacturing on the cement bag is essential so as to make sure that cement older than 90 days is not being used in construction, or else, it starts to form lumps within itself, which is not ideal for construction.

4. Do not buy wet cement bags Refrain from buying cement that is wet or is exposed to rain in monsoons as the cement will absorb the water and moisture harden up and its tensile strength will reduce, which can be quite dangerous.

It is essential that you buy cement from a reputed brand like Ambuja cement or Ultratech
cement that increases the reliability of such brands.

The following information is normally printed on a standard cement bag, which may be taken note of at the time of purchasing or receiving cement bags:

• Type of cement? The Colour of lettering on the bag is Black for OPC, Red for PPC and Orange for PSC
• IS Certification Mark, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Website? The net mass of cement
• Week and year of packing
• Manufacturer’s name, address and registered Trade Mark if any.
• Maximum Retail Price (MRP)


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