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Top 10 PR-11/14 Basmati Rice Suppliers in India

PR-11/14 Basmati Rice Suppliers in India

PR-11/14 Basmati Rice is one of the forebears of high-quality aromatic rice. Basmati has been unique long-grained aromatic rice grown in a particular geographical region of Himalayan foothills in India for many centuries.

It is extra-long, slender grains that extend their original size at least twice, with a smooth, fluffy fabric, delicious flavor, and distinct flavor. India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of basmati rice. India meets 90% of the global Basmati rice market, with Pakistan filling the remaining 10%.

The grain of rice is wide and measures 6.9 mm for PR-11 and  6.7mm for PR-14, post-cooking. PR 11-14 Non-Basmati Rice is easy to digest due to its gluten-free nature.

Top 10 PR-11/14 Basmati Rice Exporters in India –

Shri Lal Mahal PR-11/14 Basmati Rice : SHRI LAL MAHAL Group of Companies, one of India’s largest Basmati and non-Basmati rice exporters, was established in 1907. From its humble beginnings as a small business house in 1907, it has grown into a massive multinational corporation of India with a steadily rising annual turnover. The Shri Lal Mahal Group has been transformed into a global corporate house with operations distributed over many continents and a staggering turnover. They are known for their faith in the coherence and freshness of the commodity and advanced global outcomes.

India Gate PR-11/14 Basmati Rice: KRBL Limited sells rice under the brand name of India Gate Basmati Rice. KRBL Limited was founded in 1889 and has numerous product labels. In general, they devote themselves to the growth of the capacities and modern frying techniques of the basmati industry. The result was also rewarding: the industry’s best opportunity has been to ensure that consumers and prospective buyers are happy with product certifications.

Maharani PR-11/14 Basmati Rice: Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd. sells under the brand name of Maharani Basmati Rice. Established in 1974 in Amritsar in Punjab, it is one of the surpassingly committed basmati rice companies in India due to its fair dealings and business practices. Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd. grew as its Maharani basmati rice gained popularity for its distinctly rich flavor and taste.

ITC Pvt. Ltd.: ITC is yet another great private-sector conglomerate with a diverse footprint in sectors such as FMCG, Paperboards, Hotels, Printing, and Agri-Business. It takes wheat from farmers and transforms it into the grocery chain in their factories. Six Sigma Quality Tests were conducted in order to provide the finest experience available to our customers and partners. The company’s motto is “success for everyone.”

Sungold Trade Pvt. Ltd.: The Company was established in 2009 in New Delhi, India. The primary exports, producers, imports of agricultural products such as organic and non-biological are Basmati Rice and Non-Basmati Rice. Since then, we have sold a range of items, including Pusa Basmati Rice, Long Grain Rice, and Short Grain Rice.

Future Retail Pvt. Ltd.: Future Pvt. Ltd. Retail is one of the largest exporters of Basmati Rice. Almost every major flagship chain in India, including FFB, Huge, Heritage Fresh, Food World, WHSmith, and Eazy Day Clubs, is owned and run by the company. They supply major brand products and components in addition to rice directly from farmers or manufacturers.

Nature Fresh Life: Nature Fresh Life is one of the world’s largest exporters of Basmati Rice, the agricultural subsidiary of Cargill India. The philosophy of Nature Fresh Life is Active and Alive. They believe in the quality, freshness of the goods and have achieved worldwide success. It buys rice from farmers and mills it for supplying chain stores directly from factories.

Kohinoor PR-11/14  Basmati Rice: Kohinoor is a Mc. Cormick INC subsidiary, which mainly produces Basmati Rice of different types. McCormick & Co. Inc. was a world leader in aromatic products for the past 130 years with $5.3 billion in annual revenues. They sell and offer sauces, spice mixes, condiments, and other tasty food in restaurants, food manufacturers, and food service firms.

Fortune PR-11/14  Basmati Rice: Fortune foods are very popular among the indigenous people in India. It is one of the largest rice brand producers in India, with a wide range of products for global markets. Founded in 2000, Nutrela, Edible Oils, Maida, Soya Chunks, Pulses, Rawa, Sushi, Rice, Wheat, Besan, and Rice are primarily manufacturers and exporters of sugar.

Lal Quila PR-11/14 Basmati Rice: Basmati rice, the rich and unforgettable combination of heritage and exotic commodities, reinforces the spirit of unbelievable India. We add the most aromatic basmati rice in the world with the unchecked enthusiasm of millions of customers worldwide. LAL QILLA has concentrated on the best quality; steady confidence has reached new heights and has emerged as an industry leader. ASCW is one of the largest rice processing companies in India by all means. With the guidance of a team of creative analysts, the company has built a niche for itself and is ready to buy new businesses worldwide. has made the export and import of PR11/14 basmati rice more convenient, safe, and seamless. With all of the top PR11/14 Basmati Rice exporters and rice millers directly enrolled with us, we have been consistently meeting global demand. We have more than 25000 verified sellers dealing in almost every variety of basmati and non-basmati rice. Therefore, buyers get unmatched consistency in every grain of rice at an affordable price. Buyers can get the best  Basmati Rice Price from sellers registered with us. is the World’s 1st Next-Generation, B2B Global Platform, providing inquiry to delivery trade enablement solutions. We facilitate real-time connections between buyers and sellers without the need for email or phone calls. In a short span of only 4 years, has facilitated the trade of over 40 billion between a network of over 250K verified buyers from 65 countries and 25K+ manufacturers & exporters from 25 countries across the globe.


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