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Top 5 Agri Tech Innovations in India

Top 5 Agri Tech Innovations in India

The future of agriculture is a major factor for planners and all other stakeholders. The government and various organizations are trying to address India’s major agricultural issues through Agri Tech innovations

Everyone knows 2020 has been full of obstacles – the worldwide epidemic, lockdown, and a worldwide financial collapse, are just a few of the shocks suffered by numerous firms across all industries including agriculture.

Despite the numerous challenges, the agricultural sector remains optimistic about the emergence of new trends and technology.

The importance of technology in the agricultural sector has gone up significantly. Big data, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, IoT, and AI advancements have created new options for farmers to redistribute labor, cut expenses, and increase revenue.

5 Major Agri Tech Developments Are –

Next-Gen Internet Connection:

  • The new generation of internet connections opens up new opportunities for farmers.
  • They will be able to connect more devices and equipment in areas where wireless Internet is now inaccessible owing to a lack of coverage.
  • Moreover, data from them will be collected continuously, allowing them to gain insights from farms in real-time from anywhere in the globe.

Autonomous Agricultural Machinery:

  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous agricultural gear will increase harvest accuracy and minimize crop losses.
  • Secondly, unmanned technology will lessen the load on the manual work and allow agronomists to focus on more analytical duties.

Sustainable Development & Biodiversity:

  • Farmers can get benefits from ML-powered solutions to accomplish their goals.
  • Precise farming equipment can identify nutrient shortages in a field and alert botanists.
  • Farmers can treat just the affected areas, eliminating fertilizer costs and reducing the volume of superfluous chemicals in the soil.
  • In terms of biodiversity, data-driven solutions can also guide botanists on which crops to sow during a certain season to limit soil depletion and assure long-term usage.

IoT Devices:

  • The information collected in the fields and from agricultural machines is just too enormous to be processed manually.
  • Sensor makers are developing hardware and software ecosystems to give consumers an all-inclusive IoT experience that includes data analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Satellite Imagery:

  • Sentinel-2, Planet, Pleiades, and Digital Globe satellites offer near-real-time high-resolution pictures of the Earth’s surface in several spectral bands.
  • Better frequency and accuracy bring up hitherto untapped options, such as automated crop categorization, anomaly detection, and efficient resource allocation.

Key Takeaways:

  • With its rising population, India is in a stable position to expand its traditional agricultural divisions.
  • Technological growth has provided ample extension to the modernization and advancement of the agrarian division.
  • Agri tech innovations also provided an opportunity to reap the greatest benefit from the increased prevalence of farming fares emerging from the economy’s acceptance of globalization.

Digital platforms are playing a significant role in the betterment of farmers and suppliers.

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