Basmati Rice

Know the brands, top 10 basmati rice. 

top 10 basmati rice

Basmati Rice is the world-famous longest rice grain, cultivated only in India and Pakistan. The rice is a famous world-over, especially for biryani. Basmati requires a lot of water while cultivation, making the cultivation slower and quality procurement hard. Below listed are the top ten Basmati Rice brands in India: 

Daawat Basmati Rice

Four types of rice are available in the particular brand which is very popular among rice lovers worldwide. Those are: 

  • White rice
  • Steamed rice
  • Parboiled rice
  • Organic rice

The product range includes in Daawat Basmati Rice are:

  • Select
  • Gold Basmati Rice
  • Super
  • Chef Secrets
  • Rozana
  • Avaya
  • Brown rice
  • Heritage

The products have distributed networks around the world in the global market. Daawat Rozana Rice Price is perfect in the market and local people have a great choice for daily cooking. The rice belongs to zero cholesterol levels and also good for the heart.

Lal Qilla Brand

  • With the help of world-class technology and top professionals, the company has exported premium quality of rice around the world. The rice is very popular in domestic as well as in the international market.
  • The brand is very popular due to its long grain, rich protein, and good taste.

Kohinoor Brand

  • Kohinoor Brand is an old popular world brand in the world market. The extra-long grain rice is authentic in the world market and due to its exceptional long-grain, sweet in flavor; the rice has huge demand in the world market.

India Gate Brand

  • The brand has great value in the global market share. It is one of the recognized brands around the world for its premium quality. India Gate Classic Basmati Rice brand is very popular among consumers and retailers around the world.

Hanuman Brand

  • It is a Haryana based organization. The rice mills of the brand are engaged with manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of Basmati Rice around the world. The different varieties of rice, which the company makes, available around the world.

Amira Brand

  • The rice is aged up to 1 year before processing the rice in the market. Amira’s brand is popular due to its nutritional value and competitive price in the market.

Sungold Brand

  • With the help of modern technology, the brand is very popular in the market. The brand brings the quality of basmati rice to the world market.

Dosti Brand

  • Dosti brand is famous for bringing world-famous 1121 Basmati Rice to the world market. The brand is produced as the finest quality of rice in the world market.

Fortune Brand

  • Fortune brand is very popular among the local people in India. It is one of the finest qualities of rice produced brands in India that has a wide range of world markets.
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