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Basmati Rice is the world’s first inquiry to delivery trade enabling hub catering to the needs of buyers and sellers in the food products and agri-commodities domain. We assist businesses in the food sector to procure basmati rice and other agri-products from global suppliers and empower them to make better decisions with market insights.

Registered buyers and suppliers can buy and sell commodities through our platform without making a phone call or an email.  We facilitate global trade in the finest quality of aromatic basmati rice, along with other rice products.

Basmati Rice – Definition & Varieties

This is long-grained rice with a nutty flavor and a floral aroma commonly grown in the Himalayas, India, and Pakistan. Other countries where it is grown include Indonesia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. India is the largest producer of this rice variety, delivering about two-thirds of the world’s supply.  Basmati is a popular ingredient in the making of rice pilaf and as a side dish for the curry.

There are two varieties of basmati available. White basmati is more common; however, the brown version which is stiffer in texture and comes with greater intensity in flavor can also be obtained at various stores. A lower glycemic index and a significant fiber content make it a healthier option as compared to other rice options.

Five Reasons to Buy Through

Trade without a phone call or an e-mail is the world’s first global trade facilitation hub and your one-stop solution for all queries pertaining to basmati rice. With end-to-end support, this trading hub can assist you to buy premium quality basmati rice online in bulk, and that too without a phone call or an email.

Bid in real-time and be a part of live negotiations to secure profitable deals

You can be sure of the most profitable deals with You can participate in live bidding with multiple sellers in real-time, make counteroffers, check seller background while the bidding is live, and secure the best prices.

Say no to middlemen costs and export basmati rice profitably

We help you streamline your trading operations and save on middlemen as well as transportation costs. These expenses enhance the cost of trading and can eat away at your profits.

Buy from verified sellers

Connect with 50K+ verified global sellers from more than 20 countries and open up the nature, scope, and impact of your business globally.

Be sure of on-time delivery

An exporter of rice registered with us would be vetted and completely genuine. You can be sure of timely delivery of your consignments, which in turn would translate into hassle-free trading.

Other benefits

Be sure of a secure money channel, time efficacy, integrity, and 0% damage while trading through

Global Order Fulfilment for Basmati Rice in Bulk and other Agri-Commodities

We help buyers and suppliers across the globe import food and agricultural products efficiently. Visit our official website, register, and start on a new chapter of profitable trading.

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