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Finding the right supplier to buy mustard oil from can be a major problem. There are issues such as middlemen costs, logistics costs, travel expenses, and more that have to be addressed. More often than not, there are three to four people in the chain of communication who would not be working for free and have to be paid a commission. This in turn would enhance the cost of buying by as much as 7 to 8 percent. 

You may contemplate visiting trade fairs or expositions to find the right supplier. Here too, you would need to travel to another city, maybe more than once, costing you that much more. This is where comes in. – Offering a Direct Way to Buy Mustard Oil  

We are a next-generation global procurement hub offering a low-cost solution to this big issue. We cater to the needs of buyers and sellers of agri-commodities and food products. We provide services to the buyers absolutely free of cost. We provide services to the sellers at a nominal cost. 

A trader wanting to buy mustard oil can use our platform to connect with a large number of suppliers, compare prices, and secure the best deals at the most competitive cost.  You can buy the required quantity of mustard oil you need, choosing from global suppliers, without making a phone call or sending out an email. We eradicate the need for middlemen and create a direct connection between you and the sellers of mustard oil from across the world. 

We facilitate trade through a live negotiation and price discovery mechanism and the schematics of the same are given below. 

  • Register to our platform.
  • Place an inquiry based on your location, specification, and requirements, absolutely free of cost. 
  • Verified registered suppliers at the platform will receive the notification of the inventory
  • Participate in a bidding process with multiple sellers  
  • Be a part of two-way communication and arrive at the no regret price.
  • Place a counteroffer with any of the sellers at the bidding. 
  • Check the credentials of the sellers when the bidding is live
  • Finalize on a seller of mustard oil and secure the deal to get the most advantageous mustard oil price.  

After the bidding, you would need to issue a letter of intent to the supplier through our platform. Once the supplier receives the letter of intent, he can send you the proforma invoice. You can then send the letter of credit to the seller. 

The deal has to be documented and once this is done, the seller would be shipping the commodity. We assist you and the seller in completing the deal effortlessly. 

Advantages of Trading with our Platform 

  • Negotiate with multiple sellers of mustard oil and buy premium quality material in real-time
  • Deal directly with sellers and eradicate brokers
  • Establish international vendor relations, completely free of cost
  • Deal through a secured channel with 100 percent genuine suppliers

Every day, we are working with a vision to facilitate people, processes, and products and find solutions to trade in different kinds of agri-commodities and food products. Register with us today and discover a better way to trade globally. 

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