Tradologie.com VS Traditional Trade-fairs

Trading is the foundation of any economy and a well-established country always has a very smooth trading process. Trading both international and domestic impacts the global economic growth. It is a century-old system but with changing times it has evolved colossally. From community trading, domestic trading to global trading, everything has progressed with the help of travel advancement. The world is now conducting border-less trade, however, the trading techniques are not so advanced yet. Traders still tend to follow the traditional procedures and invest a high amount of time and money to attain orders.

Travelling and the digital world both have changed the global interaction remarkably. Traders did manage to adapt the travelling advancement but the infusion of trade and the digital world is still lacking.

In this article, we have tried to differentiate between the traditional techniques, most reliable- the trade-fairs and the next-gen platform Tradologie.com. Read through and know more. 

Traditional Trading -Trade-fairs

Trade-fairs are considered a reliable way to find buyers and sellers at a global platform, for years now. Both buyers and sellers travel miles to these fairs to interact with potential buyers, every year at varied locations. The suppliers are required to set up stalls, to exhibit their products. These stalls are bought paying an exorbitant amount and are a highly time-consuming process. Once the stalls are ready buyers visit these exhibitions and these events are at least 3 days to a week long. There are buyers from across the globe, looking for quality products and genuine sellers. However, great footfall is no guarantee of confirmed buyers. These export/import meets are just a platform to interact with people who can offer potential business. To participate in these fairs suppliers and buyers both have to incur – participation cost, traveling expenses, and accommodation charges. The process of participation in these fairs are both time and cost consuming. Apart from this there are other trading platforms too, one that is rapidly growing is a digital platform, Tradologie.com. Let’s understand how it’s shifting the trading culture from traditional to digital.  

The next-gen trading platform- Tradologie.com

Tradologie.com is the infusion of trade and technology. It is the world’s only digital complete procurement solution. Tradologie is trying to elevate the previously adapted trade techniques, by incorporating it with Next-generation digital solutions. Tradologie has created a platform, where buyers and sellers can trade seamlessly on one single platform, without a single call or an email. A buyer floats an inquiry for the required commodity and quantity, following that all the interested suppliers can quote the prices immediately. The most unique feature of Tradologie.com is that all the buyer and supplier interactions occur in real-time. Once an inquiry is posted, a time is designated to all the interested suppliers to come online and quote their respective prices. At the same time, the buyer can counter-offer the supplier for a better rate. This live bidding process is extraordinary, buyers and suppliers can commence a business, instantly and all across the globe. Tradologie has both a web and mobile app feature. It is so handy that traders can deal even while vacationing, giving them an option to be available for trade 24/7. It is a modern design for everything traditional, in trade. 

Trade-fairs are a source of global exposure only, they don’t guarantee business. However,  Tradologie.com connects suppliers to buyers after verifying the genuineness of the inquiry. It’s helping resolve the pain area of conventional trading and helping traders approach each other beyond borders. The smooth system assists to get the business from areas never targeted before. Tradologie is an advanced digital trade-fair but with confirmed orders, helping you trade borderless even in these tough covid times. 

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