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Turkey Lifts Restrictions On Agri-Exports Including Sunflower Oil, Tomatoes, Pulses: USDA

Export bans had been imposed on select agricultural commodities in the previous year by Turkey’s Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry (MinAF) in a bid to control skyrocketing food inflation, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)’s 14th March report said. 

Current Reports 

The Turkish government announced in the Official Gazette on 8th March 2023, that the remaining prohibitions on the export of specific agricultural products would be lifted. 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that the Turkish government has lifted restrictions on agricultural exports, including those of tomatoes, red meat, sunflower oil, and some pulses. The marketing year 2022–2023 saw a significant increase in the imports of Ukrainian sunflower oil and sunflower seeds from September through December. 

In the meantime, a separate report claimed that the Turkish government had reduced import taxes on the majority of foods, oils, and oilseeds as part of its effort to control inflation. 

Turkey’s Agricultural Production 

In a separate report, the USDA predicted that pre-earthquake market dynamics would cause Turkey’s total production of oilseeds, including cottonseed, soybean, and sunflower seed, to decline 17% to nearly 3M tonnes in the 2023-24 marketing year when compared to the previous year. The predicted decline in oilseed production would be partially offset by an increase in imports of soybeans, sunflower meal, and sunflower seeds. 

Small quantities of canola are also produced in the nation, and like the other major oilseeds, canola production was expected to decline, per the report.

The USDA said, “The threat of a serious drought could further depress production, while the fallout from the recent earthquakes is expected to have a very minor impact on overall oilseed production and processing.” 

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