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Ukraine Grain Exports Exceed 1 Million Tons: Türkiye

Ukraine Grain Exports Exceed 1 Million Tons Türkiye

Since the establishment of the Black Sea grain corridor, Ukraine has exported food shipments to a tune of 1 million tonnes. Defense Ministry of Türkiye has informed in a written statement that owing to the smooth conduct of the Istanbul-based Joint Coordination Center (JCC), a total of 1,04,286 tons of grains have been exported from Ukraine. 

Ukraine is a major grain exporter in the world and multiple countries around the world rely on it for food shipments. And so, the disruption in supply from Ukraine for months has pushed some countries to the brink of a food crisis. 

However, on July 22, Russia and Ukraine signed two memorandums of understanding with the UN and Türkiye for the resumption of grain export from Ukraine and as a result, the operations were launched on the 1st of August right after the deployment of Russian and Ukrainian officials to the JCC along with Turkish and UN authorities. 

As of Aug 28, a total of 109 outbound vessels carrying food shipments have left Ukrainian ports. Ukraine is planning to export around 25 million tons of grain by the end of this year. The deal between the two countries will stand valid for 120 days and can be extended if all 

the parties agree to it. While Ukraine has started exporting grains to the world, Russia is still hoping to start its export of food and fertilizers. It is planning to do so once hassles with shipment and banking are resolved. 

Silos Still Full 

Thanks to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukraine is now exporting grains in a speedy fashion. However, the overloaded Ukrainian silos carrying produce from previous harvests are still far from empty to make space for the new ones. Ukraine is planning to clear out the grain stocks as soon as possible and start exporting fertilizers as well including ammonia. The inflow of foods and fertilizers in the global market through the Black Sea Grain initiative will help calm the soaring prices and will motivate the farmers to keep on producing food grains. 

JCC Sets New Route 

Joint Coordination Center (JCC) which is overseeing the whole operation has announced a new route for commercial ships. In a statement released by the UN, the new route of 320 miles links Ukrainian ports of Odesa, Pivdennyi, and Chornomorsk to the inspection area on the territorial waters of Turkey. The new route has now become operational. JCC will inspect the vessels keeping in line with the memorandums of understanding signed by the parties. The JCC tracks and controls each and every ship involved in the operation. Moreover, no military aircraft or vessel is to approach within a radius of 10 nautical miles to the commercial ships. If that happens, the deal cancels out. 


This February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, among other things, it halted the supply of grains to the global market. Both Russia and Ukraine contribute majorly to the food supply around the world. Disruptions in delivery created huge concerns and the continued disruptions were about to bring a global food crisis. The African subcontinent majorly depends on grains, food, and fertilizer imports from Russia and Ukraine. The resumption of trade would certainly bring relief to the affected nations. You can carry out global trade easily with the help of technology, through Tradologie. To know more, give us a call at

+91 85959 57412  or visit our website. 

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