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Ukraine’s Agricultural Exports Down By 800,000 Tonnes In November In Comparison To The Last Month

Ukraine’s Agricultural Exports Down By 800,000 Tonnes In November In Comparison To The Last Month

With 55% of land under arable category and about 14% of the population employed in the agricultural sector, Ukraine is one of the biggest agricultural producers and exporters in the world. Agro-commodities like grains and oilseeds constitute a major share of Ukraine’s exports and in 2021, with around 41% share in the exports, the agri-exports totaled $27.8 Billion. 

Current Situation In Ukraine 

Ukraine’s exports of agri-products to the global market have been severely affected/disrupted since the beginning of Russia’s invasion in February’22 which blocked many cargo ships at Ukraine’s ports in the Black Sea region. 

The Black Sea Grain Initiative (BSGI) 

On 22ndJuly’22, the United Nations along with Turkey brokered a safe maritime humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea between Russia and Ukraine. Since the deal, over 400 ships carrying agricultural products (estimated at 11.08 million tonnes) have left from Ukraine’s 3 ports i.e. 

Chornomorsk, Odesa, and Yuzhny/Pivdennyi. The deal was made to cater to global food insecurity and to curb the rising global grain prices but backlogs at the ports still remain significant. 

On 17thNovember’22, the BSGI was extended for 120 days which was due to expire on 19thNovember’22 and this renewal has helped ease the concerns over the backlogs. 

November Reports 

In the first 15 days of November, Ukraine exported 2.8 million tonnes of agricultural products, which is 800,000 tonnes below the level reported over

the same period in the previous month according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine(reported by Ukrinform). 

The report stated, “In particular, in the 2.5 months of autumn, 16.6 million tonnes of agricultural products were supplied outside Ukraine, of which 2.8 million tonnes were sent the first 15 days of November which is 800,000 tonnes lower than volumes reported as of the first half of October,”. 

The Quantities Of Commodities Exported 

The stats are presented to compare the exports of agro-commodities in the first half of November 22 with respect to the first half of October 22 along with their proportions of the total exports in November: 

  • Wheat- 829,000 tonnes of wheat in mid-November compared to about a million more in mid-October. (29.33%) 
  • Corn- 774,000 tonnes of corn in mid-November compared to about a million more in mid-October. (27.39%) 
  • Sunflower Oil- 307,000 tonnes in mid-November, about 42,000 tonnes more than in mid-October. (10.86%) 
  • Soybean- 199,000 tonnes in mid-November, up from 118,000 tonnes in mid-October. (7.05%) 
  • Sunflower seeds- 186,000 tonnes in mid-November, up 34,000 tonnes from mid-October. (6.6%) 
  • Rapeseeds- 183,000 tonnes in mid-November, down 50% against 341,000 tonnes in Mid-October. (6.48%) 
  • Meal deliveries- 173,000 tonnes in mid-November, down 84,000 tonnes against mid-October. (6.13%) 
  • Barley- 166,000 tonnes (No Change) (5.88%) 
  • Soybean oil- (0.28%) 

In the first 2 weeks of November, Ukraine exported about 1.9 million tonnes of agricultural products by its sea and river ports i.e. 541,000 tonnes by rail, 325,000 tonnes by road transport, and 30,000 tonnes by ferry.

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