The Vaccine for global trade: Tradologie.com

The Vaccine for global trade

The world has changed drastically after Cornavirus intervention. Surviving the virus is one thing, another is surviving its impact on the global economy. Every nation is trying too hard to revamp the economy with some of the other methods. Underneath we have discussed COVID Impact, briefly and a full-proof method for global trade, read through:

A brief overview: Impact of Covid-19 on global trade

Trade pre-COVID-19 was very mainstream. Importers and Exporters would travel to different nations, deal through trade mediators, or participate in trade-fairs. Conventional trading is a usual practice but due to Coronavirus lockdown, things changed drastically, trading for any commodity immediately stopped, for a while. Shipping too was affected, as even traveling of goods got banned. This temporary halt imbalanced the complete import/export cycle.
Even trade-fairs currently look like an impractical task and no government is willing to allow events, to maintain social distancing.
Also, traveling to restore or increase business is a dilemma for the traders. Until the vaccine isn’t out, everyone is worried about survival let alone trading. However, with partial unlocking of the economy, reinstating trade has become crucial. A Lot of exporters have lost buyers, as they couldn’t supply on time.
These discrepancies are on the ground-level, impacting the complete economy, slowly.
To cater and eliminate this trade process hindrance everyone is trying to look for feasible ways.
Further, we have mentioned an unerring trading technique.

The future of global trade: Tradologie.com

Conferences, schools, fitness, cooking, every sector is trying digital channels to revive or maintain their work. To cater to an area untouched and infuse technology in it, Tradologie.com was invented. It is the amalgamation of global trade and technology.
Tradologie.com’s online platform brings both buyers and sellers online in real-time. One buyer can deal with multiple verified suppliers at one time and attain the best prices. Similarly, a supplier can bid for bagging the order to multiple buyers, everything without stepping out of their comforts.
We ensure verification, inspection, and security, everything through just a simple mobile app. The live dealing feature helps in transparent negotiations yet we keep all the buyer/seller information private until the deal is sealed.
Bulk procurement digitally is a seamless structure and we have designed one. It is a complete inquiry-to-delivery structure for any commodity procurement. We have a well-designed system for the international logistic solution as well, helping suppliers to book shipment via trusted and verified forwarding agents.
Now! You can trade without leaving homes, traveling, and maintaining complete social distancing.
Trade with all precautions and contribute to the world economy, only with Tradologie.com

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