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What is the Most Popular Non-Basmati Rice in India?

IR-64 Rice

IR-64 Rice is one of the most essential staple diets in the world. India is the largest exporter of rice followed by China, Pakistan, Thailand, and Bangladesh due to the fertile plains and suitable climate conditions. To overcome, the hindrance of environmental factors IR-64 was developed in the Philippines. IR-64 has various benefits for both buyers and sellers alike. The rice endures strong resistance towards environmental factors. It is one of the most economically viable non-basmati rice brands available in the market. The rice has acquired a chunk of global market size purely on the basis of its merits.

Rice is one of the most essential staple diets in the world. It is consumed by more than half of the worlds’ population. Over 60% of Rice in India is grown in Indo-Gangetic plains. These plains are highly fertile and suitable for the growth of rice. However, to make it more cultivable to other places beyond the aforementioned one, Scientists of the Philippines began to conduct research. After, multiple hybrid varieties, they discovered IR-64 Non-Basmati Rice.

What IR-64 conquered that others can’t?

  • IR-64 Rice is prepared with the intent to remove all the environmental obstacles that hinder the growth of rice crops. Some of these factors are Bacterial attacks, Fungi Attacks, Mice and Flies attacks.
  • It takes less time to grow than other rice varieties which give farmers more time to perform crop rotation.
  • It produces a high yield of rice in the least hectares of land. It saves the nutrients of the soil.
  • It also requires fewer inputs of resources like water, pesticides and various other crop inputs.
  • It is cheaper than other rice varieties despite of having all the benefits endured by traditionally grown rice.

The rice possesses almost every quality that is required by the consumers due to which it has great demand in the market. The excellent quality of rice equipped with early maturity made it possible as one of the most sought non-Basmati rice in the world. Besides, the farmer’s perspective, IR-64 is also immensely fruitful to buyers.  This rice has more nutrients than any other rice.

It is suitable for diabetes patients due to the balanced amounts of calories present in the rice. IR-64 Rice is easy to digest, thus prove, helpful to buyers with inflammation, stomach, ulcers and digestive disorders. It is enriched with anti-oxidant properties that help in cancers, tumors, etc.

The major producers of IR-64 rice are INDIA, CHINA, PAKISTAN, INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES and VIETNAM. The major importers of IR-64 rice are Gambia, Kuwait, UAE, North Africa, Singapore, Somalia, and the Maldives. The constant increase in demand creates a new rise in both buyers and sellers of IR-64 Rice worldwide.

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