Why so popular, IR 64 Rice?

Rice is a part of every world cuisine and every household, from Italian risotto to Indian biryani. However, there are different rice qualities which are preferred for its quality, texture, grain size, etc. IR 64 is one of the many rice qualities and its preferred world over. There are certain reasons why IR 64 rice is so popular. The following are a few of the many reasons, read through

  • The International Rice Research Institute has developed IR 8 rice in the global market. The rice had also a very high-grain yield but also several defects were found. Mostly, the quality of the grain was poor, unable to diseases and pests resistance capacity, and also late maturation of the plant.
  • In early 1980, the research institute again developed a variety that was resistant to pests and diseases and it achieved its high yield in just 111 days. The variety is very popular in the market as IR 36 which has provided better quality as compared with IR 8. The new variety was so popular that it was spread rapidly and estimated to be planted on 10 million hectares during 1980.
  • The much-improved variety of IR 36 over IR 8 still lacked the quality of the best varieties in the competitive market. Then, in the year 1985, the best variety was released in the market of the Philippines which was known as IR 64 Rice.
  • IR 64 replaced almost all the varieties of IR 36 and spread rapidly in the new areas of different countries due to its best qualities.

Popular Qualities of the Rice

The qualities with improved varieties of IR 64 Rice were found in the market are as follows:

  • Widely adapted to any climatic conditions.
  • Early Maturity of the rice
  • Improved quality than other varieties is in the market.
  • High-quality Rice
  • The long persistence of IR 64 in the farmer’s field due to its excellent eating quality.

The variety is also extensively used as a parent in the breeding program and develops the population for genetic analysis.

IR 64 Rice is Popular among Asian Countries

  • Most of the Asian countries are producing rice widely in the market. India is the largest producer of IR 64 Rice. Other than India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan are also the largest producing countries in the world. Indonesia was the major producer of rice which has grown 40 percent of the total area.
  • Due to the wide cultivation in the Asian Countries, rice is easily available in the market.
  • A specific estimation of the variety has not been calculated, even though the variety is the most popular among the people in the world, particularly in tropical Asia. The rice has contributed a large amount to farmer incomes, not only through higher yield but through improved quality that results in the higher price, and also earlier maturity of the rice allows the higher value in the rice industry.

How to source IR64 rice directly from the suppliers? 

It doesn’t matter how popular IR 64 rice is, it is very important to source it with responsibility,

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