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Why is the First Choice for Global Agri-Exporters?

Agri-Exporters is the world’s 1st next-generation B2B inquiry to delivery trade enabling platform that facilitates the Agri-exporters across the globe. With the years of experience and in-depth analysis of key challenges in Agri-Export, the experts of have come with unique solutions that strengthen the export business of agri-commodities and food products.

Making B2B Marketplace Easy For Agri-Exporters:

Agri-commodities are the livestock and crops that are cultivated to provide food and are traded across the globe for their utility and value. These can be divided into 3 major categories namely, food crops, livestock, and industrial crops. They are traded usually via future contracts. The Agri-commodities trade market of India comprises 12% of the total trade. There are certain issues faced by the Agri-exporters, which are obstructing their growth; and if resolved, the percentage share would definitely increase in the future.

There are so many B2B Ecommerce players famous in the agri-trade market, but many agri-exporters prefer as their first choice for Global Agri Trade. Following are some of the unique features brought by that not only reduce the pain points of Agri-exporters but also make this platform seller and buyer friendly:

  • Access to Verified Global Importers:

    Getting verified global buyers for every trade is something that sounds impossible with other digital platforms. All the existing platforms do not provide access to verified global buyers. However, connects ready-to-buy verified global buyers with genuine sellers effortlessly.

  • Reduce Documentation:

    There is a pile of documentation that is completed by the exporters. The other digital platforms do not support the documentation process. All the documentation is completed by the exporters themselves. However, the seller’s journey is made easy with All the documentation processes and verification are done by the experts.

  • 24/7Exhibition:

    com understands the importance of product showcase in the trading business. Thus, the global B2B platform displays the seller’s product to global buyers 24×7 through the micro-sites.

  • Microsite:

    com provides a microsite to every seller who registers with us. The importance of microsite in a seller’s business is really undeniable. The microsite not only displays the product of sellers but also marks the seller’s presence online. Furthermore, the seller’s online presence on through a Microsite boosts his/her business, as is the leading and the most trustworthy digital B2B platform.

  • Connect With Global Buyers and Sellers:

    com understands the importance of global connection; that’s why provides sellers an opportunity to not only connect but to sell to verified and genuine global buyers. Currently, the platform is having 380,000+ global buyers in 75+ countries and 38,000+ Verified Global Sellers in 18+ countries.

  • Real-Time Live Negotiation:

    com brings a unique feature called Real-Time Live Negotiation where both buyers and sellers get the opportunity to negotiate the prices through counter offers and close the deal in real-time.

  • No Middlemen:

    com eradicates the involvement of middlemen. Thus, both parties can finalize their deal without any interference from middlemen through this platform. This unique feature of not only reduces the involvement of mediators but also saves time and money for both the sellers and the buyers.

  • On-Time Payment:

    Receiving the payment on time is one of the biggest issues of sellers and ensures the payment reaches them on time and without any problems. Hence, offers a completely secure payment platform for both buyers and sellers.

  • No Hidden Charges:

    com is a completely transparent yet secure B2B platform. The platform is free from any additional charges or fees. Moreover, the trade charge is as low as 1 % only, which is much lower as compared to the other B2B platforms.

 With the aforementioned features, naturally becomes the 1st choice for agri-trade exporters.

Comparison Between other B2B Platforms and

The evolution of B2B platforms in the digital world has changed the entire concept of online business, its marketing plans, and strategies. In the present scenario, the B2B marketplace has completely transformed itself into the frame of digital marketing. The buyers have become more proactive and perform the research online before buying any commodity.

Numerous B2B platforms offer the facility to trade online, however; they do not resolve the existing Agri trade problem of exporters. Fortunately, is different from others and resolves the existing trade issues like payment, transparency, security, and logistics successfully.


Understanding the B2B trading for agri-commodities is crucial for the agri-exporters. After all, they are the one who exports the agri-products to other countries and plays a vital role in Agri-trade exchange market. Thus, one must think wisely before choosing the B2B platform for trade. The digital trade platform must inherit unique features. All the unique features like transparency, secrecy, secure payment, on-time payment are available on which makes it a leading and effective global procurement platform for both importers and exporters.

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