Why You Should Buy Rice Through Tradologie?

Guaranteed Best Price and Secured Payment.

  • Tradologie gives the buyers the unique opportunity to negotiate live with the chosen seller. Security is the priority at Tradologie.com. We make every effort to ensure that our transaction process is safe and that your personal information is secure.
  • We don’t sell inquires we ensure trade through the most transparent and secure process.

Over 800 Rice Millers Are Directly Registered with Us

  • Tradologie helps 800 rice millers across the globe to negotiate directly with them to get the best prices on the custom rice requirements.

All the Leading Rice Exporters are Registered on Our Platform 

  • You can get detailed information of rice suppliers on our next-generation unique platform. All the registered manufacturers and suppliers are verified.

24×7 Customer Care Service to Solve Your Grievances

  • Automation of the process of creating, organizing, tracking requests into a seamless process. 24 X 7 customer care service are available on our innovative portal.

Business Units

  • Let each division in our organization define their products or service specific configuration and work as independent units.

Reports, Dashboards, and KPI

Get to know every information of our help desk through intuitive and real time reports with dashboards.

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