$23.56 Billion is Indian Food Export Target For FY23

$23.56 Billion is Indian Food Export Target For FY23

The Thumb rule for success is to set targets high. Setting reasonable or gettable targets leads to lethargy and lethargical efforts can be detrimental for any endeavor. APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority) has rightly set an ambitious target of $23.56 billion food export for FY 2022-23. APEDA is ready put in the extra effort to achieve the target and 300 events will be organized by it this fiscal. Following are some steps planned to meet the target of $23.56 billion.

Sensitization About Technical Trade Barriers     

Sanitary and Phytosanitary metrics prevalent in international market, especially developed countries work as technical trade barriers in agro trade and APEDA has taken upon itself to spread awareness about human life impacting effects of such things via online platforms including social media. Such sensitization can automatically remove these technical trade barriers.

Connecting With Stakeholders

Connect with agri-prenures, exporters, food processers, foreign exchange management companies, logistics companies and above all farmers as always will be pivotal part of outreach and help of electronic and print media apart from social media will be taken for that. Proper connect with stakeholders will be precondition for fulfillment of this $23.56 billion ambitious target.

Highlighting Major Markets and Products

High returns products will be highlighted pinpointing export potential. Likewise, list of major markets will be advertised on social media. Indian Food Exporters will be made aware about requirements, both country wise and product wise, through exporter portal of APEDA. Updates about importer country specific requirements, product wise benefits etc. will be provided quick and fast by APEDA to exporters purposefully to enable them to take optimum benefits from opportunities arising in importing countries.

Program For Agri-Prenures About Export Potential of Agro Products From Various Climatic Zones

India is a country with various agro-climatic zones and need is there to educate agri-prenures about export opportunities related to agro products grown in different agro climatic zones. APEDA has planned a special awareness program related to this. To achieve the ambitious target of $23.56 billion, burden needs to be shouldered by all agro climatic zones of India. There is equal potential of export of saffron from J&K and cardamom from Malabar.

Circulation of Export Procedure Details and Spreading Awareness About It

To make more and more exporters aware of APEDA export procedures, those procedures will be circulated on print and electronic media. Different stakeholders in agro supply chain will be made aware about export procedures, sanitary and phytosanitary metrics, residues (maximum limit of residues) etc.

Awareness About Export of GI Tagged Products

140 is the number of GI tagged products in India out of which 123 are APEDA scheduled products. APEDA has plans to hold exhibitions and workshops to promote export of GI tagged agro products. For this different knowledge partners like universalities, NGOs and organizations will be on boarded.


To achieve ambitious target of $23.56 billion food export, APEDA is ready to put in the extra effort. This target can’t be achieved through export the traditional way. Export via B2B ecommerce platforms will be necessary. Anyways, be it bulk rice export or bulk pulses export or bulk wheat export or export of any other commodity in bulk, B2B ecommerce platforms are fast becoming one-stop solution.

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