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Benefits of Procuring Edible Oil Through Tradologie.com

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The global edible oil market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.57% from 2019 to 2025. Market research experts predict that the per capita consumption will grow by 0.9% per annum during this period, with developing regions of the world contributing significantly to the domain growth.

Vegetable oil consumption in China is predicted to be around 30 kg per capita. Consumption per capita in Brazil would be around 24 kg per capita. The per capita consumption in developing nations is expected to reach 27 kg with a growth rate of 0.4% per annum.

According to market research organizations, the edible oil market in India is exhibiting strong signs of growth.  Did you know that the Indian vegetable oil economy is the fourth largest in the world after the US, China, and Brazil? The country is a major producer of oilseeds. Since 1995, Indian share in the global production has been around 10 percent.

However, the per capita consumption is relatively low at 10.6 kg/annum, as compared to China (12.5 kg/annum), Japan (20.8 kg/annum), Brazil (21.3 kg/annum), and USA (48.0 kg/annum). India imports around 50 percent of its edible oil requirement, which makes it the world’s third largest importer in the category. India imports soya oil from Argentina and Brazil and palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Trade in Edible Oil through Tradologie.com

Want to import or export mustard oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, edible almond oil, canola oil or any other cooking oil from reliable global suppliers and be a part of this sector? Register with Tradologie.com and discover a cost-effective way to reach new international markets with your products and brands.

Welcome to Tradologie.com. We are the world’s first trade facilitating hub in the food products and agri-commodity sector. Over the years, we have created a genuine buyer base of 500K+ ready-to-buy buyers from 85 countries and 50K+ ready-to-sell vetted sellers from 20 countries.

We eradicate the need of middlemen and connect the buyers directly with suppliers in edible oil and other product categories. Buyers registered with us can procure food products they need from genuine sellers cost-effectively and that too without making a phone call or an email.

Benefits of Procuring Bulk Edible Oil Through Tradologie.com

  • No phone calls or emails, yet global trade facilitated
  • Registered base of genuine buyers and sellers of best cooking oil
  • Real-time bidding between buyer and multiple sellers to discover best price
  • No middlemen costs
  • In time delivery of orders
  • Secured money channel

We will help you to reliably source the best quality edible oil from global markets while also empowering you with extensive market intelligence for optimum decision-making.

We are assisting buyers and sellers from different parts of the world to source a wide category of agricultural products by providing a live negotiation mechanism in which buyers can procure directly from sellers and save on middlemen costs, travel costs, and more.

Visit the official website, register, and get started by browsing the different options in edible oil available and requesting quotations for the products that capture your attention.

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