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History of TMT SARIA in India and its advantages

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The production of steel on an industrialized scale began as early as the 1800’s in America and England. When steel was first manufactured in 1820 in Sheffield, England, it ushered in an era of rapid social, economic and industrial development. The invention of the steam engine further fastened the process of steel manufacturing and led to unprecedented economic development.

Although steel production in India can be traced as far back as 1600 BC, production on an industrial scale started only about 130 years back. The first steel manufacturing unit was set up in Kulti near Asanasol in West Bengal. However, the defining moment came with the inauguration of Tata Iron & Steel Company or TISCO at Jamshedpur, erstwhile Bihar in 1907. In the early days of steel manufacturing, mild steel bars were generally used as reinforcement to concrete. The mild steel SARIA had a tensile strength of approximately 250 MPA. With the advancement of technology and demand for stronger reinforcement, TMT SARIA came into the picture. The thermo-mechanical treatment of reinforced steel pushed the steel industry on the path of rapid modernization. Since the year 1979, the TMT SARIA had come in various grades- Fe415, Fe500 and Fe600. Owing to its great demand in the domestic as well as international markets, bulk Trading of TMT SARIA has become a beneficial trade. Advantages of using TMT SARIAS are many and some of it has been listed below-

  1. Higher ductility and bending ability: One of the main reasons for using TMT SARIAS is its ductility and bending ability. Pre-welded meshes can be created reducing the need for manual binding because of the above-mentioned properties. Construction and fabrication time is significantly reduced because of such properties and its functioning.
  2. Corrosion resistance: Corrosion is one of the main issues plaguing the durability and life of normal steel SARIA. TMT SARIAS is an exception to the problem of corrosion. The presence of coarse carbides is the main reason for the corrosive nature of the common bar. This is avoided and prevented by forcing the bar to go through a controlled water-cooling process. Surface stress is also one of the reasons for corrosion. TMT SARIA has negligible surface stress making them corrosion resistant. As a result of all of this, TMT SARIA use has become common to deal with corrosion issues.
  3. Earthquake Resistant: Earthquake frequency is increasing with the passing of every decade. House owners are increasingly looking for structures that are resistant to strong and severe earthquakes. TMT SARIAS is an integral part of developing earthquake-resistant structures. Because of their soft pearlite core, they have the capabilities to withstand seismic and dynamic loading. Hence, it is widely in earthquake-prone areas.
  4. High Bonding strength: TMT SARIA has a very high degree of bonding strength. External ribs running across the entire length of the bars allows for great bonding strength between the concrete and the bar.

Technology has revolutionized the way business is conducted. The traditional way of physical proximity for conducting trade is no longer required. In a modern way, technology has made life easier and businesses can be conducted with a click of a button. TMT SARIA buyers and sellers can leverage digital platforms to do large-scale transactions from the comfort of home or offices. Despite some good changes, technology has not been able to eliminate the problems of middlemen and intermediaries. Traditional B2B platforms like Trade India, India Mart and Alibaba have still credibility issues of buyers and sellers on their platforms. Recognizing the service gap, TRADOLOGIE.COM has been set up to facilitate B2B agro-trade. Many innovating companies have been experimenting with alternate supply chain models, but, only one company could address the challenge. The credit goes to TRADOLOGIE.COM for revolutionizing business transactions across the globe. It’s the world’s only intelligent digital platform. The company is a next-generation, B2B, global procurement solution for agro-commodities and construction materials in a $100 trillion global market. TRADOLOGIE.COM is very soon launching an e-supply chain that will reduce the cost of distribution by over 90%. To cater to the needs of small and medium sellers, the company will be very soon launching a brand-building solution where products can be marketed in a target territory. The feat will be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of a traditional distribution channel. The entity specializes in offering end-to-end solutions from inquiry to delivery for its customers across the globe. It not only facilitates direct interaction between buyers and sellers but also takes responsibility for any supply chain issues. This is to make sure that the buyer receives the ordered goods without any hiccup. Buyers looking to buy TMT SARIA from Manufacturers can save up to 20% on TRADOLOGIE.COM by connecting directly with the sellers.

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