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IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice trade status and development

IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice

Rice is the main staple diet for more than half of the world’s population. India holds the unique distinction of being the largest exporter of basmati and non-Basmati rice. The leading producers of rice in the world are countries like China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Long-grain rice has gained immense popularity in recent years because of its aroma, flavor and deliciousness. Both Basmati and non-basmati long-grain rice are equally popular across the globe. Some of the major importers of long-grain rice are nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain. IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice is one of the more popular varieties of long-grain rice. IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice has the rare privilege of falling outside the Basmati rice family. The rice is grown extensively in the Sindh area of Pakistan. Despite falling outside the family, it has the flavor and deliciousness of the traditional Basmati rice.

The hybrid IRRI-6 long-grain rice has been facing major issues of price threat. Prices are facing constant downward pressure because of overproduction in not only South Asian countries but also the African countries. Traditional growers of IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice have been facing high competition from exporters of countries like China, Thailand and Vietnam that offer hybrid course rice very similar to IRRI-6 long grain Rice. This super hybrid rice has a high yield capacity of up 12 tons per hectare. Companies have been experimenting with different seeds and varieties to reduce the crop maturity period and increase the yield per hectare.

As per the experts, the use of F2 generation hybrid seeds for cultivation may spoil the purity of IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice, the main export from the Sindh region. The adulteration occurs because of lack of proper procurement and absence of marketing tools that allow unbridled mixing of a different variety with IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice. The result is coarse rich but superior on many parameters like whiteness, shape, size and translucency. Unstoppable mixing of inferior quality hybrid rice with IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice will create further problems for the domestic exporter. As per the excerpts of detailed research, since 1994, a total of 23 hybrid rice varieties of IRRI have been developed and distributed to 9 Asian countries including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh. China, in fact, has become the global leader in developing hybrid rice seed.

Multiple B2B platforms have emerged after the digital revolution at the onset of the 21st century to facilitate B2B trade. Despite a lot of positive development, IRRI-6 Long grain rice buyers are not able to connect directly with the exporters and suppliers because of the presence of middlemen and intermediaries. Recognizing the service gap, TRADOLOGIE.COM has been set up to facilitate B2B agro-trade. Many innovating companies have been experimenting with alternate supply chain models, but, only one company could address the challenge. The credit goes to TRADOLOGIE.COM for revolutionizing business transactions across the globe. It’s the world only intelligent digital platform. The company is a next-generation, B2B, global procurement solution for agro-commodities and construction materials in a $100 trillion global market. TRADOLOGIE.COM is very soon launching an e-supply chain that will reduce the cost of distribution by over 90%. To cater to the needs of small and medium sellers, the company will be very soon launching a brand-building solution where products can be marketed in a target territory. The feat will be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of a traditional distribution channel. The entity specializes in offering end to end solutions from inquiry to delivery for its customers across the globe. It not only facilitates direct interaction between buyers and sellers but also takes responsibility for any supply chain issues. This is to make sure that the buyer receives the ordered goods without any hiccup.

TRADOLOGIE.COM has already proven its capabilities in the INR (₹) and USD ($) market. Riding high on confidence, it is ready to enter the European market that has seen stagnation in supply chain and procurement innovations. The company is bullish on bagging large orders from procurement agencies and government institutions since the traditional procurement and tender system consumes enormous time and resources.

Manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers looking to procure and deliver goods & commodities across the international border can leverage TRADOLOGIE.COM platform. The USP of its operational model is its online efficiency. Some of the highlights of the company reflecting its supply chain efficiency have been listed below:
• TRADOLOGIE.COM directly connects 200,000 verified buyers with 20,000 verified sellers.
• Through its revolutionary methodology, TRADOLOGIE.COM has enabled digital trade worth 25 billion leveraging cutting–edge technology with minimal ground staff.
• TRADOLOGIE.COM provides the freedom to trade on the go without any e-mail or a phone call through its buyers and sellers app.

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