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B2B Marketplace – A Connecting Link Between Global Rice Buyers and Sellers

Rice is one of the most traded agro commodities in this world along with wheat. Rice of different varieties are exported and imported globally. India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, China and United States of America combined export 4/5th of total rice exported globally. One of the biggest hiccups that a rice exporter interested in exporting rice faces is reach. Reaching buyers from different parts of this world becomes difficult. In traditional way of export it becomes really cumbersome and next to impossible. What’s the answer to this persistent problem? Answer is B2B ecommerce platform.

How to choose a B2B Marketplace platform?

To choose the best B2B marketplace platform among host of B2B platforms, every platform needs to be judged on three accounts; database, reachability and functionality. Usually it is too difficult to find a platform that can boast of besting other platforms on all these three accounts.


Main strength of any B2B portal is database of registered traders. Any agro commodities B2B is worth choosing only if its database is good. Good database doesn’t mean huge database. Hugeness is just one need. Database should be wide ranging. What does that mean? Let me explain. Biggest importers of rice are China, Philippines, Nigeria, European Union, Ivory Coast, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Benin. Database of a B2B ecommerce platform will be called wide ranging if it has rice buyer from every small and big rice importing country including above mentioned countries. So, USP of database of any B2B ecommerce platform is not hugeness but range. next generation B2B platform is one B2B ecommerce platform that can boast of this USP. Additionally, database of this platform has tens of thousands of registered agro commodities traders, which is by all standards huge.


Reachability is what matters the most when choosing best B2B ecommerce platform from among host of B2B ecommerce platform. What is reachability? Let me explain through an example. Say one wants to export rice to UAE but is using a B2B platform whose database is crowded with buyers from Saudi Arabia. This is called extreme case of unreachability. So, a B2B platform whose database has registered buyers from every nook and corner of the world will be called a platform with good reachability. ecommerce platform offers great reachability to rice traders from across the world. This platform is devoted to agro commodities trade only and offers services to agro commodities traders from across the world. Agro commodities traders trading agro commodities belonging to all verticals like rice, wheat and wheat flour, spices, pulses (lentils), cereals, dry fruits, veggies, edible oils, sugar, meat and cotton can use reachability of this platform to trade agro commodities across the world.


While choosing best B2B ecommerce platform from among whole array of B2B ecommerce platforms, one need to take into account functionality too. Functionality of a B2B ecommerce platform needs to be seamless. scores a perfect ten on that account. For example, a transaction on this platform that starts with posting of inquiry from a buyer ends after delivery only. This is why B2B ecommerce platform is called enquiry to delivery ecommerce platform.

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