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10 Things You Need To Check Before You Buy ACC Cement OPC 43 Grade in Bulk

ACC Cement OPC-43

Cement is one of the most important ingredients in construction material for building Infrastructures. ACC Cement is one of the country’s top brands of premium cement. The high-quality of products has garnered a positive response worldwide. Acc cement was the first phase in sustainable cement manufacturing. The company was established in 1936 with twelve production units of around 34 million tons per year. Its capacity to trade a large quantity of cement is very well-known. It has broad uses for the construction of dams, bridges, tunnels, walls, culverts, etc. It is used as concrete binding material.

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Manufacturing UltraTech Cement 53 Grade and Its Benefits

UltraTech Cement OPC 53 Grade

UltraTech Cement Limited is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group established by KC Jhanwar, Director but later on overtaken by Kumar Mangalam Birla, Founder of Aditya Birla Group. UltraTech is the largest cement manufacturer in the country. The company majorly deals in various kinds of cement which include Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement, White Cement, Portland Pozzolana Cement, Ready Mix Concrete(RMC), and various other building products. This multinational infra-giant is renowned for its offerings. The corporation aims to shape a better future for the planet through investments in health and education.

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Cement Construction Material

The History of Rockstrong Cement and Its Benefits

Rockstrong Cement

Rockstrong Cement is a younger brand of Shree stable company. Shree Stable Company holds multiple brands to cater to and target different needs of people. Some of them are Bangur Cement and Shree Cement. The Shree stable holds the top spot in manufacturing cement in northern India while holding the second spot as the largest producer of cement manufacturing in the country.

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Cement Construction Material

The History of AMBUJA Cement and Its Benefits

Ambuja Cement OPC 53

Ambuja Cement Ltd. primarily known as Gujarat Ambuja Cement is founded by Suresh Kumar Neotia and Narottam Sekhsharia in 1983. It is a home-building solution-based Infrastructure Company that majorly deals with the production of blocks of cement.

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Cement Construction Material Construction Material

Wonder cement trade development and its benefits

Wonder Cement Manufacturers Exporters

Cement production is vital for the rapid economic development of any country. India is actually one of the largest producers of Cement. India holds the unique distinction of having an installed capacity of 500 million tons per annum with a production of 298 million tons per annum. Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of cement followed by Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.

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Cement Construction Material

Top quality cement brand in India

UltraTech Cement Manufacturers

Cement is essential to building a modern economy. Indian holds the unique distinction of being the 2nd largest producer of cement in the world. In the fiscal year-2010-20, the overall cement production capacity was approximately 545 million tons.

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Different types of bearing and their practical applications

Industrial Items Manufacturers

The industrial revolution transformed the economic structure of modern societies. What we are witnessing today is the result of hundreds and hundreds of years of evolution. The industrial revolution shifted employment from farmland to modern industrial units housing all kinds of machines.

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Buying Construction Material Online: The Right Approach

Buying construction material online - The right approach - Building material suppliers

With the developed economy witnessing more or less saturated growth, attention has shifted to emerging and developing economies. Emerging and developing countries have shown remarkable resilience in the last few years even in the backdrop of a global slowdown. With steady growth in the above-mentioned countries, demand for swanky offices, commercial spaces, special economic zones, residential societies has seen an impressive rise.

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Construction Material

What are Aggregates in Construction?


Aggregate is a collective term for the mineral materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone that are used with a binding medium (such as water, bitumen, portland cement, lime, etc.) to form
compound materials (such as asphalt concrete and portland cement concrete). Aggregate is also used for base and subbase courses for both flexible and rigid pavements.
Aggregates can either be natural or manufactured. Natural aggregates are generally extracted from larger rock formations through an open excavation (quarry). Extracted rock is typically reduced to usable sizes by mechanical crushing. Manufactured aggregate is often the byproduct of other manufacturing industries.

The main characteristics of aggregate that affect the performance of fresh and hardened concrete are:

• Shape and texture
• Grading
• Absorption
• Mineralogy and coatings
• Strength and stiffness
• Maximum size
• Specific gravity or relative density
• Soundness
• Toughness

Aggregates must be relatively clean. Vegetation, soft particles, clay lumps, excess dust, and vegetable matter may affect performance by quickly degrading, which causes a loss of structural support and/or prevents binder-aggregate bonding.
Determination of clay, silt, and dust in fine and coarse aggregate can be tested by the sedimentation method. The aggregate is carefully mixed with water in a volumetric cylinder and then let to settle. The clay particles will form layers with different colors and structures on the surface of the aggregate.

Organic Impurities
Decaying vegetation may result in aggregates being contaminated with organic matter. This material may have a retarding effect on the setting of cementitious material and may result in lower strengths of the hardened material at all ages. Organic impurities can be tested by colorimetric test. Tested aggregate is mixed with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) to prepare a colored solution. The color of the solution is compared with the color of the standard solution, prepared according to the standard. If the color of the test solution is darker than the standard solution then aggregate has to be rejected.


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