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Effortless ways to procure Non-Trade cement

Cement is the principal commodity of any foundation. Cement comes in different categories, grades and has varied properties. In India,. Cement is differentiated mostly on the quantity requirement, as Trade or non-Trade. To understand how to purchase non-trade cement its first important to address the meaning and difference between the two. 

What is non-trade cement and how is it different from Trade cement? 

Cement procurement is an easy job if it’s less quantity, simply visit any local seller and select your preferred cement. It only becomes a hassle when the cement quantities are massive. Everyone who is dealing in huge quantities is either builders, contractors, etc. Purchasing from distributors is not very feasible for the aforesaid parties. There isn’t any quality difference between Non-trade or generic trade cement at markets, however price points are extremely varied with non-trade being cheaper. Non-trade cement is directly purchased from the cement factories or their designated offices, trade is easily available at any retailer. Due to these quantity differences, both are segregated, ordering non-trade isn’t tasking but can be confusing. Let’s find out ways to ease this process. 

How to smoothly purchase Non-Trade cement? 

Challenge with non-trade cement is quantities, it is mandatory to book non-trade cement in advance. Quantities mean mountains of cement and are dispatched in batches, for convenience. To conduct a smooth construction process they need to be scheduled. Three easiest ways to order non-trade is either company’s website, on-call, or visiting their office. 

However, there is a glitch with ordering non-trade with the preceding options. These are individual company websites or offices, either you have thorough research or just blindly order without comparing it with the other contemporaries. It can either leave you confused or doubtful

 about your purchase. Information is partial if there aren’t any corrective suggestions, to help you get an alternative for better dealing we researched and discovered a website called Tradologie.com. It is this multifaceted online Platform  which is connecting Bulk Cement buyers with manufacturers across the country & is helping buyers get prices from Multiple companies through a unique reverse bidding mechanism. The website connects a buyer to multiple sellers online, in real-time. Sellers quote their rates, explain the product quality, delivery options, etc live to the buyer. The buyer can choose a favorable party amongst the other sellers and can place an order. It is always ingenious to compare and select from the best after making the suppliers compete against each other for your order. Tradologie.com  also helps you procure other Construction Related products such as Concrete Reinforcement Bars which are commonly known as TMT bars or Sariya directly from the source, the manufacturer. Other than Concrete, you could also find many registered Plywood sellers on the platform and the platform claims that they can help builders save upto 33% while procuring through Tradologie.com. Tradologie.com will not only assure you get information but will make sure you get the correct product from the correct buyer at the cheapest price by supporting you from the stage of inquiry to the stage of delivery.

It would be prudent to give this website a look whenever you are starting a new construction. Now! Make a smart decision and choose our suggestion as your destination

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