Basmati Rice Buy & Sell Commodity

How to buy Basmati rice directly from the Suppliers?

How to buy Basmati rice directly from the suppliers

Basmati rice is one of the most sought-after commodities to be exported from India. Its variety, flavor, deliciousness and nourishment make it an ideal item for a staple diet to the end consumers. Because of its great demand in foreign markets, buyers (bulk and retail) are always willing to invest from a long-term perspective. However, lack of awareness, technology and market knowledge makes the buyer susceptible to dubious and fraudulent transactions.

There are chances of receiving sub-standard products at an inflated price without any delivery assurances. Most of the issue arises due to the fact that transactions rarely proceed without a middle-man. The higher the no. of mediators in a bulk transaction, the greater is the chances of transactions developing complications. To buy basmati rice in bulk directly from the suppliers, cutting out the middle-man and mediators is the key. How to do it is the challenge? Identifying the need for a direct interaction between buyers and sellers/suppliers, some promising trade enablement companies are facilitating direct transactions between buyers and suppliers.

Companies offering trade-enablement platforms work on a direct business model. The trading platform serves as a point where sellers from multiple locations can register themselves with their product offerings. Buyers interested to buy basmati rice directly from the suppliers can post their requirement details which include the delivery location, mode of payment method, quantities required, etc. Once the buyer credentials are verified, reverse bidding takes place where sellers/suppliers with the lowest price get selected to execute the deal. There is also an additional window time to bargain and arrive at a final price between buyers and sellers.

In this business model, buyers have a great chance of receiving the best price and quality products without any defect. Eliminating the middle-man brings down the price for buyers and adds value to the whole transaction process. Moreover, to insulate buyers from any suspicious transactions, payment is received in the account of companies offering trade-facilitation services. Payment is released to the suppliers only when the consignment is received as per the benchmark agreed upon. The idea behind the whole concept is to ensure that buyers receive only the best product at the best price.

Hence, customers and buyers planning to buy basmati rice in bulk directly from the suppliers should immediately log in to one of the B2B trading platforms. Some of the most customer-friendly platforms are Tradologie, Indiamart and Trade India. When it comes to agricultural commodities, Tradologie is definitely the first among equals. Its disruptive and innovative approach to reverse bidding offers great value to buyers looking for bulk deals. In a very short span of time, it has generated the right buzzword among prospective buyers. The level of trust and confidence it enjoys among the customers is unprecedented. It has a global presence with a sharp focus on MENA (Middle-East & North-Africa) countries. So next time you are seeking a bulk purchase of basmati rice in bulk directly from the suppliers, you know the place.

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