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India Signs MoU With The United Nations World Food Program To Donate 10,000 Tonnes Of Wheat To Afghanistan

Located on the Asian continent, India is the second largest wheat producer in the world. It contributes around 14% to the total global wheat production. However, despite this, owing to high consumption needs, the Asian nation does not rank among the top 10 wheat exporters of the world.

Even so, the demand for Indian wheat shot up in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war, and with a view to stabilize prices and ensure adequate domestic supplies, the Government of India (GOI) banned the exports of wheat and wheat flour in May 2022 while allowing unhindered exports of wheat through G2G deals for food insecure nations.

Acting on the same, the Government of India has decided to ship 10,000 tonnes of wheat to its neighbor Afghanistan on a humanitarian basis and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to ensure the delivery of the same. 

Afghanistan In Midst Of Food Crisis

Located in central Asia, Afghanistan is having a hard time making ends meet. According to WFP, since August 2022, 90% of the country’s population has struggled to meet their food needs. The intensity of the crisis can be easily ascertained from the fact that approx 20 million Afghans don’t know the source their next meal, 6 million Afghans are one step away from famine and over 28 million Afghans need humanitarian assistance. 

After years of military conflict, faltering economic conditions, severe droughts, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake has raised fresh troubles for the 23 million people of Afghanistan and has added to the pains of the local public.

India Acting As A Lifeline For Afghan Families

Despite issues on the domestic front, India has continued to act as a reliable agro-supplier in the global market, especially in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war that caused disruptions in the supply chain.

With reference to Afghanistan, even after maintaining its stand on non-recognition of the Taliban government in Kabul, it continues to act as a lifeline for several Afghan families facing hunger. Last year, India shipped 40,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan in the form of humanitarian assistance and this year as well it has announced its intention to export 10,000 tonnes of wheat to help the people of Afghanistan.

India’s aid has garnered its due recognition from the WFP. Elisabeth Faure,  representative and country director for WFP in India, has appreciated India for acting as a lifeline for Afghan families facing hunger and has expressed sincere gratitude to the GOI for its continued support. 

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