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Top Five Qualities of IR 64 Rice

IR64 is popular for high-yielding variety in the global market. The rice was developed by International Rice Research Institute and first introduced in the Philippines. The top five qualities of the rice are given below:

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Agri Commodities Basmati Rice Rice

How to Procure Rice Online: E-Procurement in 2021

Online Rice Procurement

Online Rice Acquisition is also known as “E-Procurement”. Present days, The Electronic Procurement Process is in demand because the process of purchase and sales of rice products through the internet without any broker and the procedure of procurement is a sparing process.
The Electronic Method is very popular in the B2B marketplace. Some of the numerous benefits of using the procurement are as follows:

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Basmati Rice Exports to Iran Suspended by AIREA

During the last Financial Year, India Exported Basmati Rice to Iran worth Rs.10, 800 Crores. The total amount of Basmati rice exported to other countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Africa, and Iraq worth 32,800 Crores.

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1121 Basmati Rice – The King of Rice

Eating 1121 Basmati Rice is a complete sensual effect on the human body. The grain is also known as the “King of Rice” because of its whole long grain, aroma, visual appeal, and great taste. Basmati Rice is spreading its magic sense continuously around the world. The unforgettable sense of the magic of the rice has created more rice loving people in the world as compared to any other food grains.

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Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice from India Tops the Indian Agricultural Commodity Exports

Basmati Rice tops the trade value among all other agricultural commodities in the market. In the current fiscal year, the country exported approximately 4 million tons of rice till date. Rice was shipped to around 120 countries all across the world. Out of these huge numbers of countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq hold the largest imports market for India.

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How to Import Japonica Rice from India at Best Price in 5 Easy Steps

Japonica Rice

Japonica Rice is one of the most cultivated and consumed domestic varieties of Asian Rice from the land of China, Japan, and other South-East Asian Countries. Also renowned as Sinica Rice, this Asian rice is the base ingredient for numerous popular Rice recipes including Sushi, Kamameshi, and Donburi, etc; and, this makes Japonica one of the most popular rice varieties in the food and restaurant industries all across the world. Although cultivated in most of the East and the South-East Asian countries, it is always advisable to import Japonica Rice from India to get it in the lowest price.

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Save Money By Procurement of Bulk Plywood Through Tradologie

The entire plywood industry in India is mostly driven by the buyers who procure bulk plywood from various manufacturers and suppliers through a series of middlemen, brokers, and distributors and sell the products to the consumers. The brokers and middlemen between the plywood buyers and manufacturer/ sellers are the reason behind involving large credit cycles which inflates the cost of the products by almost 20% which is ultimately paid by the end consumers who procure products on immediate payment basis.

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Start Saving Cash By Procuring Cement Directly From Manufactures

The middlemen or cement brokers influence the Indian cement market in a significant manner as they directly buy bulk cement from the manufacturers, suppliers and sell it to the cement buyers like construction business, cement importers, retailers, etc. The involvement of the middlemen leads to a sizeable in-line credit price, which is the fundamental reason behind the high MRP of cement for the buyers.

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Cement Construction Material Knowledge Base

Uses And Digital Procurement Of Portland Cement


Concrete is a composite material consisting of the total (rock and sand), cement, and water. As a development material, cement can be thrown fit as a fiddle wanted, and once solidified, can turn into a basic (stack bearing) component. Cement can be utilized as a part of the development of auxiliary components like boards, shafts, and road furniture, or might be thrown in situ for superstructures like streets and dams. These might be provided with concrete blended nearby, or might be furnished with ‘prepared blended’ cement made at perpetual blending locales. Portland cement is a category of bulk cement which is used widely, followed are few of its uses, let’s read through. 

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Construction Material

What are Aggregates in Construction?


Aggregate is a collective term for the mineral materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone that are used with a binding medium (such as water, bitumen, portland cement, lime, etc.) to form
compound materials (such as asphalt concrete and portland cement concrete). Aggregate is also used for base and subbase courses for both flexible and rigid pavements.
Aggregates can either be natural or manufactured. Natural aggregates are generally extracted from larger rock formations through an open excavation (quarry). Extracted rock is typically reduced to usable sizes by mechanical crushing. Manufactured aggregate is often the byproduct of other manufacturing industries.

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