Agri Commodities

Procure Agri Commodities – The Digital Way

Procure Agri Commodities - The Digital Way

As the world becomes more globalized, food supply chains are getting more complicated to manage in terms of preventing food wastage and ensuring safe, nutritious, quality food. Digitization can tackle all of this accompanied by realistic problems. People working in sourcing and procuring Agri commodities play an important role in linking agricultural communities with food processing firms on a global scale.

They ensure that the highest quality raw materials reach industrial units to make premium food products.

Regulating Post-Harvest Losses:

Agriculture is a highly climate-sensitive industry that is subject to unpredictability from a variety of external variables.

It is also estimated that around 30% of the food produced gets wasted due to post-harvest losses that occur along the value chain.

So, what are the options?

Agri-tech platforms can address such a situation seamlessly. These apps can forecast the environmental influence on crop production, such as weather fluctuations, allowing farmers to make more informed harvesting decisions.

Assuring the Quality and Safety of the Product:

Customers’ interests are often secured in global markets by a set of import rules governing the quality of food items.

Such transparency benefits both consumers as they get enough knowledge about the brand they are consuming and producers. This allows them to build a reputation for themselves.

Is there anything else we can do?

Yes. Digital farm management systems enable capturing farm data, which can be extracted from customized reports to confirm compliance with import/export laws along with important information from lab reports.

Feasibility of Agriculture Finances:

Blockchain can bring transparency to agricultural financial transactions, credit history, and financial agreements for smallholders who want to invest in farming.

Shared access and irrevocable agreements would enable smaller farmers to pay for raw materials and machinery in installments or after delivery while ensuring fair market pricing.

Traceability to Build Trust:

Farm-to-shelf traceability is an essential component in determining the origin of a food ingredient and is viewed by the end-consumer as a standard of quality and food safety.

Procurement companies, as essential participants in the Agri supply chain, can use cutting-edge digital technologies.

They can track all activities involved in Agri commodity production and use this data to improve the supply chain and gain the confidence of the end-consumer.

A long-term strategy for digital agriculture is important, as agricultural experts will shortly confront a difficult environment due to rising food demand and resource scarcity.

Distressing events, such as the continuing pandemic, have also emphasized the importance of more efficient and adaptable supply chain management, which has become more important than ever.

However, digital technology provides a strong set of new tools that will enable stakeholders to construct a new-age supply chain capable of addressing all present issues and creating new value for those looking to innovate beyond the demands of the time.

Digital platforms are the new way of Agri Commodities Acquirement. They play a significant role in uplifting a nation’s economy.

For instance, brings you the most convenient route to bulk procurement of Agri Commodities directly from the leading exporters and producers enrolled with us. is the world’s 1st Next-Generation B2B inquiry to delivery trade enabling a platform facilitating trade of Agri-commodities, raw industrial, and construction material, across the globe.

Over the past four years of operation, has been able to develop a network of over 3,25,000 verified buyers across 65 countries who have successfully transacted trade worth over USD 40 billion through with more than 35000 verified manufacturers and exporters working out of 35 countries. works by standardizing buyer requirements and arranging live negotiations with verified sellers capable of supplying the buyer on the platform on standardized trade policies which allow for the trade without a phone call or an email through the safe conduit provided by

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