Russia’s 2023 Wheat Harvest Predicted To Be 86 Million Tons

Russia’s 2023 Wheat Harvest Predicted To Be 86 Million Tons

SovEcon, a consultancy firm, predicted that Russia, one of the world’s largest producers as well as exporter of wheat would produce an estimated 86 million tons of wheat in 2023, which was in line with earlier projections despite unfavorable weather in January.

Unfavorable Weather in Russia

As per experts at SovEcon, the temperature in early January 2023 was higher than the general temperature around the time which caused the snow to melt in several areas. The temperature then dropped significantly below normal, putting crops in the southern part of Russia’s central region and the basin of the Volga River in danger of freezing to death. This cold current did not, however, last long enough to seriously harm crops. Most likely, the root system is undamaged. The crops should recover if the spring weather is favorable and a lot of fertilizer is utilized.


According to SovEcon, some farmers were dissatisfied with the state of the winter wheat fields because the crops had begun to turn yellow. However, the root system is probably not harmed, so it will likely recover when the climate is right and a lot of fertilizer is applied.

Due to the recent unfavorable weather, many institutions have recently reduced their predictions for the current year’s Russian wheat production.

SovEcon issued a warning that the prospects for production were in danger due to the growing water shortage in southern Russia. This region has only received 40–80% of normal precipitation over the last three months. The region will require adequate precipitation a month from now, just before the beginning of the growing season.

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