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Small Agro Traders of India: Their Business Model and Future

Small Agro Traders of India

Online B2B ecommerce platforms have brought a new sunrise in the life of small agro commodities traders till now trading agro commodities in usual traditional manner. B2B platforms are taking care of many issues that small agro traders usually face in agricultural commodities trading while trading the traditional way. Let us take a look at latest developments in agro commodities market and the difficulties faced by small agro traders in India on account of those developments:

  • Too much utilization of software needed to handle complex supply chains- Can small agro traders afford to use software for their trade? It seems impossible but small agro traders have to do that even if that means dependence on experts. This becomes costly. Cheaper solution is trading through ecommerce B2B platforms like This next generation B2B marketplace makes trading hassle free for smallest of agro traders.
  • Use of business intelligence (BI) tools needed- Do you think small agricultural commodities traders have the acumen to use BI tools? BI tools are out of bounds for them. BI tools are basically used to gather business enhancing information. B2B platforms perform that function, so agro traders are going online.
  • Use of visualization tools- This is done extensively in agro commodities market to make optimal decisions related to buying, selling, transporting, storing etc. This again seems out of bounds for small traders. Online B2B platforms come to the rescue in this respect too. Registering on a B2B platform may eventually end the need for visualization tools.
  • CTRM mobile app- Smart phone is used by everybody nowadays including small agro traders. Small traders are using CTRM mobile apps to strike deals. This process is cumbersome. Same results can be achieved using B2B platforms in a simpler way.
  • Lack of storage- This is a big issue with small agro commodities traders. They usually don’t own godowns. Seasonal production and perennial demand makes storage mandatory.
  • Transportation problem- Transportation becomes an issue for small traders with lesser resources. This problem hugely lowers margin of small agro traders.
  • Longish middlemen chain- Too many middlemen is a problem for small traders. Dealing with intermediaries like brokers, commission agents etc. become really difficult for small farm produce traders. Prices rise due to intermediaries and consumers have to pay through the nose. Small traders don’t pocket much of the revenues generated on account of high prices and intermediaries pocket that. To get rid of middlemen problem small agro traders are shifting to online B2B platforms like
  • Market information or lack of it- Small traders usually lack market information and incur losses on account of that. They are registering on online B2B platforms because these platforms address the problem of lack of market information truly and amicably.

Future Business Model of Small Agro Traders will have B2B Ecommerce Platforms at the Core

  • B2B ecommerce platforms provide better realizations compared to traditional agro trading- There is no price certainty in mandi (open agriculture market) and trading in mandis lead to huge loss of revenues to small agri commodities traders. To avoid such loss of revenues and far better realizations, small agro traders can opt for online B2B platforms like agro commodities B2B marketplace. B2B ecommerce marketplace like can be a boon for small agro commodities traders. It is widely accepted fact that more than 80% wholesale buyers search for products online of which 34% use B2B platforms. When it comes to real buying most of the online buying happens via B2B. So, it becomes absolutely clear why small agro traders should register on B2B ecommerce platforms like
  • Some B2B ecommerce platforms integrate channels and automate processes for hassle free online agro commodities trading- is one next generation B2B ecommerce platform that has developed a system that successfully manages channels for distributers, wholesalers and even farmers on one single platform to provide optimum results for all. This platform is able to easily manage huge number of suppliers, wholesalers and big and small distributers on its platform. There is ample space for small, medium and big agro traders on this platform. This platform aims to cut costs and enhance realizations for both buyers and sellers and even agro commodities producers.
  • Far wider markets- To say the least, B2B ecommerce platforms offer far wider marketplace. For example, has huge database of agro commodities traders. Database of tens of thousands of agro commodities traders registered on this platform is enough to sustain agi business of any agro trader dealing in agro commodities from any vertical; be it rice, wheat, sugar, meat, vegetables, dry fruits, spices, edible oil, pulses (lentils), cotton and cereals.
  • B2B ecommerce platforms can handle product catalogue howsoever gigantic- A big benefit (benefit is for buyers and sellers both) of any ecommerce platform is that it can handle huge catalogue of products. Take the example of, it has product portfolio that has products from wide array of agro commodities verticals. Its rice portfolio has basmati and non-basmati rice of different varieties; varieties like pusa basmati, sugandha basmati, 1121 basmati, 1509 basmati, sella basmati, goldel sella basmati, sharbati basmati, 1401 basmati, sona masoori long grain rice, EMATA rice, IRRI-9 long grain rice, swarna rice, jasmine rice, calrose rice, japonica rice, matta rice, Vietnamese rice and round grain rice. Spices portfolio of comprises of sesame seeds, black pepper, red chilli, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, turmeric, garlic, ginger, cumin, celery, saffron etc. All variety of wheat and wheat flour is tradable on this platform. Sugar is a commodity importable and exportable from this platform. Meat import and export is facilitated. All types of vegetable that include mushroom, potato, tomato, onions and many more are tradable commodity on this platform. Dry fruits like cashew nuts, coconut, peanut, almonds, dates, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, makhana and many more are also tradable on this platform. Pulses like red lentils, green lentils, black lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas and many more are tradable commodity on this ecommerce B2B. Edible oils like coconut oil, canola oil, groundnut oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil, pure ghee, palmolein, mustard oil, cashew nut oil, olive oil and many more are also tradable commodity on this ecommerce platform.
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