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Edible oil consumption has seen a change in the shifting of the trend from dairy-based oil to plant-based oil. Exposure to different cultures, change in lifestyle and health consciousness led to the adoption of plant-based oil. Some of the commonly used and traded organic plant-based oils are Mustard oil, sunflower oil, soyabean oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, Palm oil, flaxseed oil, groundnut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, etc.

India is the biggest importer of edible oil in the world. Some of the leading countries importing to India are Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina and Ukraine. Among the plant-based edible oil, soya bean oil is one of the more popular ones. India is also the largest importer of soya bean oil. Argentina holds the unique distinction of being the largest exporter of soya bean oil to the world. China is the largest consumer of soya bean oil with a per capita consumption of 21 kg closely followed by India at a per capita consumption of 17 kg. However, there is a catch in the figure. While China fulfills its domestic demand by importing raw soya beans from Brazil and the USA, India does the same by importing crude oil. Soya bean oil has a proven capability to efficiently combat LDL cholesterol. Some of the main benefits of soya bean oil have been listed below:

Presence of healthy fat: Unsaturated fats are beneficial to human health as compared to saturated fat. Soya bean oil is extremely rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. As a matter of fact, replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat could lead to a lower risk of heart-related issues. Regular consumption of soya bean oil can reduce LDL cholesterol significantly in a quick period of time. Besides, soya bean oil is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that helps in reducing inflammation and protecting against heart diseases.

Strengthen bone: Bone health becomes extremely important with growing age. Bone starts losing its mass with growing time. 15 ml or 1 tablespoon of soya bean oil contains about 25 mcg of Vitamin K ideal for a daily dose. Vitamin K is essentially known to have an effect on blood clotting. It also helps in regulating bone metabolism. Research has conclusively proved that Vitamin K is vital for the synthesis of specific proteins that are the key to maintaining bone mass and strength.

Better skin health: If you look carefully, soya bean oil will find a mention on the ingredient list of skincare items like gels, serum and lotions. An experiment conducted has also shown that oil may also benefit the health of the skin. Moisture retention capability increased with regular use of soya bean oil. Skin health is also supported by the presence of Vitamin E an anti-inflammatory agent. Besides, it is a good cure for skin issues such as acne and atopic dermatitis.

Easy to use: The mild, neutral taste of the soya bean oil allows it to be used in any recipe or along with any other food item. It is especially effective when used with vinegar and a dash of salt/pepper to for an easy salad dressing. The oil is a tremendous substitute for canola oil, olive oil or vegetable oil. The oil can be used for additional purposes also to apply on hair, skin acting as a natural moisturizer.

High smoking point: High smoking point is one of the main features of soya bean oil. The feature allows the oil to be the preferred choice for cooking items like meat. Ideally, the smoking point for oil should be high. At the smoking point, fats start to break down and oxidize. The result is the formation of harmful, disease-inducing compounds called free radicals that causes oxidative stress to the body.

New buyers looking for bulk trading of Soybean Oil may face many issues at the start. The paperwork and confusion of dealing with middlemen and intermediaries might prove too much. Buyers may postpone or abandoned the plan completely. The best way to procure directly from Soybean Oil Manufacturers & Suppliers is using a high-tech trade-enabler platform. Existing B2B platforms like Trade India and INDIA Mart does not address the deeper issues of the trade like payment security, end-to-end solutions, and best value for buyers and sellers. Identifying the service gap, TRADOLOGIE was established to address the unresolved concerns. It’s a next-generation, trade enabler, B2B platform that connects buyers and sellers directly. To, elaborate, it does more than simply connecting buyers and sellers. It employs technology to encourage live bidding among the participant sellers for an order quoted by the buyer with specific requirements. This concept of reverse bidding in a live environment ensures that the process is transparent and the buyer/seller receives the maximum value out of a transaction. As a matter of fact, buyers can save up to 20% in a B2B bulk marketplace like TRADOLOGIE. It also ensures that payment is secured for both parties. Transparency is the key to a business transaction. TRADOLOGIE just ensures that.

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