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Morocco: Agri Commodity Market Overview

Agri Commodity

Agriculture is responsible for around 20 percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and 30 percent of export earnings of Morocco; this sector along with fishing and forestry employs as much as 45 percent of the total workforce of this North-African developing nation.  The country produces oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, olives, and olive oil and exports premium agricultural produce to Europe.

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Agri Commodities

Algeria: Agri-Commodity Market Overview


The agriculture commodity trading market of Algeria has great potential. The agriculture sector of Algeria plays a vital role in the development of the country’s economy. Agriculture, with 12.4% of GDP, holds an important position in the Algerian economy. The Agri sector accounts for more than 25 million jobs within the country. Yet, the low agriculture productivity leads to the importation of various Agri commodities. In general, crop productivity is very low as compared to the neighboring country Morocco.

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Top Ten Organic Pulses Supplier in India


The method of agricultural production that includes a high level of biodiversity with Environmental preservation practices coupled with animal welfare is called Organic Farming. Organic products (Pulses) are always in demand due to sustainable development and fertilizer-free products.

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Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading – Agro Buyers & Sellers in India

Agricultural Products and Commodities Trading - Agro Products Buyers Sellers in India

Rapid advancement in technology brought a fresh change to agricultural and commodity trading. A few decades back, agricultural products and commodities trading used to take place at local markets and mandis. Middlemen, intermediaries, and brokers had a large say in the price control mechanism.

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