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Agri Commodities News Pulses seller Tradologie

Top Ten Organic Pulses Supplier in India


The method of agricultural production that includes a high level of biodiversity with Environmental preservation practices coupled with animal welfare is called Organic Farming. Organic products (Pulses) are always in demand due to sustainable development and fertilizer-free products.

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Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice Varieties in Indian Market

Basmati Rice has long been popular in Asia due to its long-grain and distinctive natural aroma. The production of rice has come to the market without any kind of impurity and foreign matter.

Industrial Development of Rice Varieties 

  • India’s economic and environmental conditions are changing rapidly. Due to the fast-changing in the environment, the production of the rice varieties may impact in the coming years. India’s domestic research institutions have developed a list of basmati varieties which have the adaptive capability to various environmental conditions. However, the excellent performance of these varieties that are reported from research sites and laboratories are widely used in agricultural land.
  • The presence of strong research and developmental institutions make India extremely convenient for the industrial sector to accept new challenges on rice varieties. The changing economic and environmental conditions may impact the new challenges accepted by the institution.
  • With the use of Green Revolution Technologies in the agricultural land, the use of synthetic agrochemicals on Basmati Rice, the production of rice is hugely increased which is boosted productivity in most of the rice crop varieties.
  • The presence of a strong research and development institutional structure in India that makes extremely convenient for the rice industrial sector to prepare for new challenges.
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    An Innovative New-Generation B2B Platform for Commodity Trade

    Four years back,  J.K.Arora, a well-known Noida-based Businessman has launched a B2B new generation platform, named “Tradologie”. At the age of 59 years, under his hard work and dedication, the platform is a huge success in the B2B marketplace.

  • Tradologie is first ever Enquiry-to-Delivery trade enabling platform. It is the first online next generation B2B platform in India where consumers can contact the manufacturers of the products directly. It facilitates the trading of bulk domestic and international commodities like Rice, Cement, TMT Saria, TMT Bars, Plywood, Pulses, Spices, and Cotton Bales.
  • In a short span of 4 years, the company has achieved a very good revenue. It generates the majority of its revenue through the trade of Basmati Rice, Cement, and TMT Saria.
  • The growth of the company with its extraordinary speed is likely to make it one of the best key players in the coming years in the international market.
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