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Buying Construction Material Online: The Right Approach

Buying construction material online - The right approach - Building material suppliers

With the developed economy witnessing more or less saturated growth, attention has shifted to emerging and developing economies. Emerging and developing countries have shown remarkable resilience in the last few years even in the backdrop of a global slowdown. With steady growth in the above-mentioned countries, demand for swanky offices, commercial spaces, special economic zones, residential societies has seen an impressive rise.

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Save Money By Procurement of Bulk Plywood Through Tradologie

The entire plywood industry in India is mostly driven by the buyers who procure bulk plywood from various manufacturers and suppliers through a series of middlemen, brokers, and distributors and sell the products to the consumers. The brokers and middlemen between the plywood buyers and manufacturer/ sellers are the reason behind involving large credit cycles which inflates the cost of the products by almost 20% which is ultimately paid by the end consumers who procure products on immediate payment basis.

If you have been looking forward to buying bulk plywood directly from the manufacturer or suppliers and, save some money on the procurement cost, the online B2B trading platform of Tradologie could be a great help for you.

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Buy Plywood from Manufacturers on Tradologie’s Platform:

The first thing you need to know what Tradologie is. Well, Tradologie.com is world’s only online B2B marketplace developed to enable international and domestic bulk trade of plywood and other commodities and work as a direct interface between the bulk buyers of plywood and manufacturers/ suppliers with the sole objective of reducing the influence and cost of the traditional distribution channels.

When it comes to procuring bulk plywood online, you need to ensure that you are not wasting your money on buying low quality of plywood and keeping that in mind, Tradologie offers you 100% genuine and ISI marked plywood from almost 50 manufacturers selling bulk plywood in Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi,NCR regions. The best part of procuring bulk plywood from Tradologie is that you can save up to 20% on the purchasing cost by directly purchasing from manufacturers.

Know the Process Of Procuring Bulk Plywood On Tradologie:

Post your enquiry:

You need to schedule negotiation with the plywood seller you prefer after specifying the details like quality parameters, delivery parameters, inspection parameter and the payment method.

Seller Negotiation:

The sellers preferred by you will be notified of negotiation and all the parameters given by you and you will receive the best price offer from them through the reverse bidding mechanism.

Counter Offer:

It’s all about purchasing bulk plywood so your objective should be obtaining the best rate from the plywood manufacturers. Tradologie allows you to give a counter offer to your preferred seller or you can simply place the order at the quoted price.

Buyer Pay-In

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