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Top Pulses Importing Countries: Overview

Pulses importing countries

The United Nations General Assembly had declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses (IYP) and had nominated FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) as the entity that would implement this concept in collaboration with different stakeholders. The idea was to highlight the crucial role played by pulses in maintaining a healthy diet, sustainable production of food, and also food security.

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Impact of Covid -19 on Pulses Exports

Impact of Covid 19 on Pulses Exports

Pulses are a rich source of protein and are consumed in the form of split-grain, whole grain, flour, and dehulled split grain. They are the edible dry seeds of the plants belonging to the Leguminosae family. Different types of pulses are grown in the world. Pulses are categorized into major and minor categories, depending upon the production and world consumption. The world pulse industry showed a substantial growth rate over the last few decades. However, the global pandemic affected the pulse industry in every aspect like production and pulses exports. But, the effect of the corona pandemic on pulses, grain, and oilseed sector was not as bad as compared to the other Agri-commodities sector.

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The easiest way to buy pulses in bulk

easiest way to buy pulses in bulk

Pulses hold a very important position in Indian agriculture as they are highly consumed foods in India. The highly consumed pulses in India are Red kidney beans (Rajma), chickpeas, soybeans, turdals, Chana dal, Urad dal, Masoor dal, etc. Now with the advancement of online technology, you can buy pulses in bulk but if you are looking forward to saving some good amount of cash, procuring bulk pulses online directly from the producers and pulses suppliers would be ideal.

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