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Small Agro Traders of India: Their Business Model and Future

Small Agro Traders of India

Online B2B ecommerce platforms have brought a new sunrise in the life of small agro commodities traders till now trading agro commodities in usual traditional manner. B2B platforms are taking care of many issues that small agro traders usually face in agricultural commodities trading while trading the traditional way. Let us take a look at latest developments in agro commodities market and the difficulties faced by small agro traders in India on account of those developments:

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Top 5 Rice Consuming Countries During 2020

Top 5 Rice consuming country during 2020

Rice is one of the world’s foremost food crops for humans, particularly in Asian countries. Top 5 rice-consuming countries in the world during 2020 are from Asia.

Rice is the third most grown crop in the world? The only two crops produced more than rice are maize (corn) and sugarcane. It grows in moist conditions, which are common in the Asian region.

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Key Factors That Can Increase Your Rice Export

3 key factors to increase your rice export

Starting a rice export business requires few certifications and a good quality rice supply, but sustaining the success is comparatively tougher than other sectors. It requires more than just fine dining, an excessive study of different parameters. In the rice export from India speed and convenience contribute to the demand and supply, not just a good customer base. If you understand the most important key factors affecting Indian rice exports, you are more likely to have a seamless rice export cycle than your counterparts.

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