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Top 5 Profitable Export Business Ideas


Indian commodities are exported globally, as the demand is ecstatic. One of the sectors in India, which has a global demand is agricultural goods. India is a farming community and now a lot of people are moving back to farming or indulging in agri-community, even after high-end studies. In recent times, people are looking to find profitable ways to go back to the roots, the  agri-sector. Underneath, we have accumulated data on 5 profit-making agri-business ideas, that can prove beneficial to anyone looking to invest in agricultural exports. 


The meat industry is steadily catching pace on the global front. India exports both frozen and fresh meat to more than 50-60 countries. India also exports a substantial quantity of meat to Thailand, Yemen, and Japan and poultry products to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar. Frozen meat of chicken/goat/fishes is in demand overseas. India has a great supply cycle of these types of meat, hence they can be exported as well. With roughly 90% of the global population being Non-Vegetarian, planning for meat exports is surely a lucrative small scale business idea.


Spices of our country are highly in demand, worldwide. India is the world’s largest producer, consumer, and exporter of pulses and spices; the country produces about 75 of the 109 varieties stated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and accounts for almost 50% of the global export market.  One can start his or her own small-scale business with minimum investment by exporting different spices to various nations around the world, looking to import.


India is a leading producer of vegetables such as potato, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, potato, tomato, etc. From neighboring countries, there is always a demand for vegetables. One can plan to export vegetables with a small investment and in the longer run, expecting a decent return. Countries like Indonesia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Argentina, and the United States are our regular buyers. The climate condition and geographical location of India make it suitable for all types of vegetation, therefore a wider range of vegetables can be produced on a single land. Products organic in nature have attracted overseas markets in recent years, hence exporting organic vegetables will fetch more dollars. Organically made products have high demand in all the international markets. Major export nations for Indian producers include Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, China, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia. India is the largest producer of ginger as well as okra, followed by vegetables and fruits.


This trend has gathered momentum from the previous one or two decades. Packing and branding the food and beverages and exporting them to relevant destinations have been giving high-profit margins to the small exporters, quite frequently.


This is another profitable export business Idea. Demand from international nations is quite high, hence research the list of countries having such requirements and get the deals done. However, have you thought that researching for countries and then buyers to export can be a tedious process? Imagine if you found out, there are effortless ways to export? Underneath we have a suggestive and proven channel to export seamlessly. Understand the system and start exporting.

How To Export Effortlessly?

Domestic sellers or small scale businesses are always looking to expand, however getting global buyers has been a stumbling block. There is no concrete information or guide to tell them how to start exporting. Another issue is with established exporters, they constantly have to deal with middlemen to approach global buyers or are clueless on how to develop new markets. 

In both cases, assistance for export is inevitable. We have invented a digital platform to rescue all such suppliers. is a complete bulk-purchasing mechanism, where global buyers can conduct trade with suppliers on a digitized platform. All the dealings happen live, where buyers and suppliers come online at a designated time. Suppliers then quote the bulk prices for the commodity and buyers can counter-offer. Succeeding to that supplier can decide to honor the offer or not.  This reverse bidding takes place for 60 mins and in the end order is attained, the deal is concluded. The agenda behind developing was to commence international trade without any hassles or interference. Using state-of-the-art technology, we have channelized exports, for Indian and the world. 

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