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IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice trade status and development

IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice

Rice is the main staple diet for more than half of the world’s population. India holds the unique distinction of being the largest exporter of basmati and non-Basmati rice. The leading producers of rice in the world are countries like China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

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Optimal enterprise, we are honored to have you

Optimal enterprise, we are honoured to have you is honored to welcome its new associate Optimal enterprises. Together we intend to expand horizons globally. A well-renowned brand because of its good market reach internationally plans to capture diverse marketers with  

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The Vaccine for global trade:

The Vaccine for global trade

The world has changed drastically after Cornavirus intervention. Surviving the virus is one thing, another is surviving its impact on the global economy. Every nation is trying too hard to revamp the economy with some of the other methods. Underneath we have discussed COVID Impact, briefly and a full-proof method for global trade, read through:

A brief overview: Impact of Covid-19 on global trade

Trade pre-COVID-19 was very mainstream. Importers and Exporters would travel to different nations, deal through trade mediators, or participate in trade-fairs. Conventional trading is a usual practice but due to Coronavirus lockdown, things changed drastically, trading for any commodity immediately stopped, for a while. Shipping too was affected, as even traveling of goods got banned. This temporary halt imbalanced the complete import/export cycle.
Even trade-fairs currently look like an impractical task and no government is willing to allow events, to maintain social distancing.
Also, traveling to restore or increase business is a dilemma for the traders. Until the vaccine isn’t out, everyone is worried about survival let alone trading. However, with partial unlocking of the economy, reinstating trade has become crucial. A Lot of exporters have lost buyers, as they couldn’t supply on time.
These discrepancies are on the ground-level, impacting the complete economy, slowly.
To cater and eliminate this trade process hindrance everyone is trying to look for feasible ways.
Further, we have mentioned an unerring trading technique.

The future of global trade:

Conferences, schools, fitness, cooking, every sector is trying digital channels to revive or maintain their work. To cater to an area untouched and infuse technology in it, was invented. It is the amalgamation of global trade and technology.’s online platform brings both buyers and sellers online in real-time. One buyer can deal with multiple verified suppliers at one time and attain the best prices. Similarly, a supplier can bid for bagging the order to multiple buyers, everything without stepping out of their comforts.
We ensure verification, inspection, and security, everything through just a simple mobile app. The live dealing feature helps in transparent negotiations yet we keep all the buyer/seller information private until the deal is sealed.
Bulk procurement digitally is a seamless structure and we have designed one. It is a complete inquiry-to-delivery structure for any commodity procurement. We have a well-designed system for the international logistic solution as well, helping suppliers to book shipment via trusted and verified forwarding agents.
Now! You can trade without leaving homes, traveling, and maintaining complete social distancing.
Trade with all precautions and contribute to the world economy, only with

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Onion export banned from India, a temporary hold

Onion export ban

India on Monday, 14 September 2020 prohibited all the onion exports including cut, sliced, or in powder form. This new rule was passed by the Directorate General of foreign trade(DGFT)
As per the latest notification, the restriction to ship Bangalore rose onions and Krishna Puram onion was also stated.

Earlier, the preceding categories were free to be exported

The reason this step was taken, was due to a shortage in the Indian market leading to increased rates.
Officials stated “ this shortage is seasonal as India supplied high quantities of onion in the past few months, while the world was under strict Pandemic lockdown”
India exported $198 million of onions in the April-June period of FY21 and $440 million in the entire cycle of 2019-2020.

Indian onions have high demand globally and this isn’t the first time a step like this was initiated.

Last year too, India banned the export of onions, an essential vegetable in Indian kitchens including onion prices were set to a minimum of $850 per tonne to curb its export and to assist in bringing down the soaring prices. This activity was conducted as floods in major states, last year, a spoiled major quantity of the vegetable.

Maharashtra and Karnataka are the highest onion producing states and growth levels in the states will decide the ban lift this year.

While the hold on export might be troublesome for some exporters, the hold is temporary as soon onion will be free to export., a facilitator for onion exports has a certain outlook on this ban, follow through to understand.’s outlook on the onion export ban

We at Tradologie have always tried to make export effortless for our associates, this unfortunate ban might impact the trade market, however, we feel that this is a temporary hold to balance the domestic onion trade.
Once the ban is lifted, which we believe is very soon, re-starting onion export won’t be a problem. has a buyer guild of 2,00,000 ready-to-purchase buyers and negotiation with them will happen via a simple mobile app, complete eradication of calling, or emailing the buyer.
Creating a seamless channel for onion export.
Until then, let’s centralize the domestic onion market and come back with a bang.

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Why so popular, IR 64 Rice?

Rice is a part of every world cuisine and every household, from Italian risotto to Indian biryani. However, there are different rice qualities which are preferred for its quality, texture, grain size, etc. IR 64 is one of the many rice qualities and its preferred world over. There are certain reasons why IR 64 rice is so popular. The following are a few of the many reasons, read through

  • The International Rice Research Institute has developed IR 8 rice in the global market. The rice had also a very high-grain yield but also several defects were found. Mostly, the quality of the grain was poor, unable to diseases and pests resistance capacity, and also late maturation of the plant.
  • In early 1980, the research institute again developed a variety that was resistant to pests and diseases and it achieved its high yield in just 111 days. The variety is very popular in the market as IR 36 which has provided better quality as compared with IR 8. The new variety was so popular that it was spread rapidly and estimated to be planted on 10 million hectares during 1980.
  • The much-improved variety of IR 36 over IR 8 still lacked the quality of the best varieties in the competitive market. Then, in the year 1985, the best variety was released in the market of the Philippines which was known as IR 64 Rice.
  • IR 64 replaced almost all the varieties of IR 36 and spread rapidly in the new areas of different countries due to its best qualities.
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    New steps to Revolutionise Agricultural Trade, Know More.

    Agri Commodity Trading

    India is an agriculture dominated economy, 70% of the rural population in India is dependent on agri-goods for their livelihoods, in the last recorded term, the country produced 275 million tonnes of food grain. Agricultural industry provides business to other sectors too like the food supply industry, logistics, storage industry etc. In short, agriculture is highly responsible for economic sustainability  of the country. Just not for self-sustainability, Indian food supply chain is spread globally as well. Indian government is always trying to elevate the farming sector, however for the first time ever organisations are considering the plea of suppliers as well. Private sectors are recognizing these needs in-order to create a smooth supply chain. Followed are two latest setups revolutionising agricultural trade.

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    Indian Rice Export Supply Chain Obstructed due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Know More!

    Supply Chain Obstructed due to COVID-19

    The Indian rice export supply chain is struggling due to the limited availability of containers and scarcity of the labor at the biggest handling port on the east coast after novel COVID-19 cases jumped in the region.

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    Uncategorized VS Traditional Trade-fairs

    Trading is the foundation of any economy and a well-established country always has a very smooth trading process. Trading both international and domestic impacts the global economic growth. It is a century-old system but with changing times it has evolved colossally. From community trading, domestic trading to global trading, everything has progressed with the help of travel advancement. The world is now conducting border-less trade, however, the trading techniques are not so advanced yet. Traders still tend to follow the traditional procedures and invest a high amount of time and money to attain orders.

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    Trade and Non-trade cement: contrasting and comparing

    non-trade cement

    What is the Difference between Trade and Non-Trade Cement

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