Why Ambuja Cement OPC 53 Is Useful For Making Concrete Railway Sleepers?

According to the Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), the Ambuja Cement OPC 53 is superfine cement having enhanced quality and the high-performance characteristics that are required in the production of Railway Sleepers.

About OPC 53

The OPC 53 Cement is high Blaine Portland cement. Ambuja was the first company that introduced OPC 53 in the market. Due to its high strength and high performance, it is very demanding products worldwide. Apart from its main usage of concrete sleepers manufacturing, it is also be used as a pre-stressed concrete.

Due to its finest quality and meets the benchmarking for quality standards in the industry, the Ambuja Cement Company is the first company that received the ISO 9002 quality certification.   Presently, the company has generated revenue of 29.65 million.

 What are the Benefits of Using the Cement for Making Railway Sleepers?

Some of the benefits for making railway sleepers that are discussed below:

  • For high-speed trains, the product is very useful due to its high strength.
  • It is very strong cement and the durability of the cement is very long.
  • The cement is also known as high compressive strength cement.
  • It is specially designed for making concrete railway sleepers.
  • The OPC 53 cement meets all the physical and chemical requirements for manufacturing the sleepers.
  • The cement is also used to tackle carbon emission and creating sustainable solutions for the environment.
  • The cement contains negligible chloride. So, it is used to protect from corrosion.

However, the high fineness of the cement enhances workability and the high early strength enables improved mass production cycle of railway sleepers. Due to these characteristics, the cement can be useful for high rise buildings where high early strength is required.

Some of the Features of Ambuja Cement OPC 53 are:

  • The cement is also known as rapid hardening cement. It gets harden at a very rapid pace. Apart from hardening, it also develops high strength. It is also used in pre-fabricated construction work and sometimes in road repair works too.
  • OPC 53 also used as sulphate resistance cement. The cement is widely used in the areas where concrete has exposure to sea water. By using the cement, the chemical attack and the consequent damage to the structure can be prohibited. The cement can be used for underground structures where presence of sulphate salt is more.
  • It is a cement of very high content of alumina that has a unique property to develop a high-strength cement. Due to the presence of enough alumina, it is high resistance to chemical attack. It can also be used in high-temperature conditions.


The cement is widely popular in the global market and is also famous for the most trusted brands in India. The products developed by Ambuja Cement Company in India are based on special specifications and requirements evolved by Railways. The particular brand has been used extensively to replace wooden railway sleepers for hi-speed trains.

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